Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dialogues with Giants - 1

Us & Them

U: Why are we going on about Pleiades?
T: Checked your spelling? Please triangulate your position vis-à-vis your place of birth, where you are now and where you have to be.

U: how would I know the last?
T: Meditate on the waves of the full moon. Triangles are temples of sound, of communication. Love is the key; specifically, tuning your heart vibration with the rigidity of your spine… importantly, keeping a clear head free from the vagaries of emotion. Use a tree for support.
U: Ok
T: Be a bell head not a bell end. Please.
U: Yes
T: Be patient, we are already here. If the cosmos is home, we are not foreign to each other.

U: Why the crop circles…?
T: Remember intelligent design of light and beyond by which we are all bound. Your race has travelled further and wider than you know. We also know story. Please clean up your house before we allow you to see us. The collective ego of humanity needs a looking glass. Trust the intelligence of your bacteria, be good hosts and don’t get so hung up on the land you stand on. Be fearless like the daffodil seed in a hurricane.
Open your heart and the rest will also do so. Measure your boats and ships; compare the Vikings to Vellankani.

U: Tell me a story about where you come from
T: (2 days of silence)
U: sorry, please go ahead.
T: When will you cross the Kwais and dot the Ganges? Atlantis destroyed itself in a day ad a night of Brahma. We don’t feel time the way you do.

U: So does the amount of DMT in our heads control our sensitivity?
T: How do you think the planet is being controlled? Vibrational frequencies dull your natural DMT; TV literally destroys your imagination and your sensitivity. The responsible dosage for DATURA is 3 seeds for a RESPONSIBLE person, if there is no guide.
You bolster your non-existent egos with all the wrong substances; the same substances which should show you the way of the plants. You have yet to evolve completely from the savage. We had too many civilisations like yours wanting to conquer other worlds without understanding that world. Grow up humanity. Allow your children free rein/ reign but keep them off the coffee.
The righteous amongst you must continue the work of the dead before their time.

U: So getting murdered is part of the deal?
T: The idea dies, not the person. Resurrect the ideas. There are no borders except the ones you imagine. When you think uniformly you die undead deaths.
The diagnosis of reason is not yours alone. Trust the fungi. The disconnectedness of beings is yours to engage. Learn more natural languages.

U: Like what? Which languages?
T: The dichotomy of changing structure will dictate the archetype of future sound. Maybe the triangles become rhombuses?

U: What are the seven fires?
T: Look within, around and quadrilaterally. Breathe with your spine to feel free with Fraer. Evolve from the Nimrod. Then you will see them not as fires but as eucloos.
Scratching and yawning are epidemic.

U: If the clothes make the man, then how can we move beyond the chimpanzee?
T: Finally the fibratic answer to your question. Shame is unique to home sapiens. When your real biological name in the galactic records is Quetzalcoatl, we don’t know why you persist in abusing yourselves.
Please try to avoid believing in your self-created paranoias. The fly will take care of itself. Unzip and see for yourself. Psychological nudity: when you achieve that, the plants will protect you; if there any left with sufficient memory. Place your emotions; try not to thrust them on others.

U: What are emotions on a galactic level?
T: Feelings in space are not alien; it all boils down to self belief. Your species is excellent slave material because you so easily forget your bacterial guests.

U: Why do we hate our mothers?
T: (1 week later). Because you do not understand them and they are under too much pressure to constantly care for you.

U: How do we go about exorcising thee savage from within us?
T: The passion of the unforgiven can only be resolved by everlasting kisses. The rule of the weak dictates the courage of the nightwalkers. The extremities of your endeavours will take you to foregone conclusions, but then nothing is unending.
Please extract and examine your sense of entitlement; and never forget your bacterial guests.
The rule of the weak dictates the courage of the nightwalkers. The extremities of your endeavours will take you to foregone conclusions, but then nothing is unending. Please extract and examine your sense of entitlement. And never forget your bacterial guests.

U: But how can we roam naked?
T: The fear of your genitals has led to destructive generations. When the fearless mothers remember their knuckle sandwiches, Fraer is food for thought. You need to eat right, look left and feel everything.
When the ladies decided pain was essential, they became the first puppets. The male of the home sapiens has always been a slave to emotions. Yoga is not just for hippies, trippies and lippies. The poetry of yesteryear did not involve unhooking nonexistent bras.
Instinct is not a guttural reaction; it is elastic and stretchable; the survival not of the fittest, but the most adaptable. Consciousness travels by itself.
The orgasm of Gaia is also a continuous experience and nature is naked for everyone.
Mr Presley’s hair cut belongs to the silliness of your society’s disturbed fashion senses. Breasts and penises are only for the propagation of your species. Calm down.
Trees don’t take each other so seriously.
The garrulousness of your gutter will arouse your faith because pumping energy from other worlds requires memory sticks.
The dance of the ovaries choreographs the sum of us; amplification of neural senses will give you the key to all chemistry.

U: How often is flipping required to continue, till we all get it?
T: You could start by going back to liquid nature, the endless possibilities in an electric chemical soup.

U: Who cares?
T: The ground cares.

U:  What is that good old juju for Vishnu?
T: Fill your heart with song, tremble with love for the ground and let your friends in. If you will be afraid of old stories, you will not write your own. When you demonise the ego by equating it with pride, you forget to value the pride in accomplishing anything. It is not you who creates, it is yuh that creates.
When you persist in believing in the strangeness of strangers, how will you experience oneness with nature? Those who burst out of the world have hatched the way of their ancient fathers and there is no shame in walking in the footsteps of your ancestors
Sacrifice your sense of self to be one with Brahman. You can only control what you conquer and there are no demons except the ones you create when you are not yuh.
The febrile dreams of haunted souls still trap those who are willing to break the world so it can be made anew; the ‘world’ being your own self-created illusionary desires.
Powerful storytellers should begin by making room for even those stories they disagree with. No ink is the same.
The power of Atibala and Bala resides in all mortal beings from fly to chimpanzee, from living stone to tree.
Ain the strength to stare your own story in the face and you will understand how to be free. Allow your own time to reveal all to you. Every mortal being has its own time. Even trees of the same species do not have uniform barks whether they are beech, oak, eucalyptus or sandalwood. Use your bala to channel your animal spirit, the trees and the rocks will follow. But resurrect the fish if we are to have full flow.
You have forgotten the one language, the language of the heart. Thankfully you have survived your demons to write this.

U: What is the first law of magnetism?
T: When you find unclouded minds, gift them your lightening. They will anchor your hallucinations.
When you have faith in the ideas of the dead before their time you harness the potential of Brahman but never believe your self to be that which has passed its own time.
The Zorba is around the corner and bearing down fast, it is time for the raashis to play football.
Each solar system is its own family; never forget that pace of life is magnetic energy dictated by the unknown. The silence of the deeps is the privilege of the well-travelled.
Matters of meaning can only be cultured in a less cluttered world. Do the penance of at least three years.
We are also here.
Delay Achilles when he feels the urges and no one will have to lift a sword.
All the beings partnering your yuh are sharing of the same.

U: What is the perversion of islands?
T: Find the other eleven kings… you are already here, and four are near who don’t have the faith in yuh to be king of their varna.

To Be Continued