Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dialogues with Giants - 2 and final

Us & Them

U: How can we see our own sicknesses without others’ mirrors?
T: You don’t live in a vacuum. Respect others’ reflections but try not to be the Narcissus. Keep distance from the kaleidoscope to see clearly. Refract within. Find your own way around the universe, but first, slow down the over rate.

U: What happens when you ignore your fate?
T: The downward spiral into ignorance. Think slowly, clearly or not at all, or all of the above to distinguish fate from dreams, from other people’s fate and their dreams.
Learn when it is time to change flocks, time to fly solo and time to mate and pair for life.
Spiral on the up-draughts, glide down the full breezes. The flapping of others will lead you back to your path.

T: The last wrestle of the titanic storytellers is yet to pass. Hope you enjoyed the sparring of the sparrow hawks. Now leave the ring for her.

T: No more dictation. The self learning has begun. Keep to your own, but allow for gating. Every community needs its own language, lessons and lifestyle.

Spray painting penises on walls that have no vagina is like going to the circus without a clown. The tent of Maya is not just in your trousers, she pumps all angles of Indra’s Spiderman.


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