Wednesday, June 13, 2007

crazy times are here

Looking back over the past few weeks. Speechless for a second. Can't beleive all that shit really went down. And went down well!

The end of last month, the office crew (really just the Mallu Boys and self) with Penne and Uglisha (the 'model') headed uphill past Mussourie and the ghost towns to the magic that is Mori. No, I'm not gushing.
The drive up, initially expected to be a nine-hour jaunt, turned into a thirteen-hour arse-number till we climbed out at campsite and pulled out the whiskey.
Rafting was pretty mundane except for the part where Penne and the Fat Boys decided to make fun of the river and its rapids, switching places in mid-stream so Penne was up front. Without St Nick up front holding down the raft, we hit Stick Sandra and she got us good and proper. Four out of the boat with Uglisha laughing hysterical on her way back and under.
Guide goes nuts yelling at Boss up front to grab the 120-kilo Hairy, so he grabs his lifejacket and holds him to the raft. Unfortunately we're still in the rapid so Hairy gets squashed and mangled against rocks till Guide flops across and heaves him in with superhuman paranoid strength, keeping me paddling the raft forward and out
Everyone had a good laugh, but only when we were all back on board, limbs and spines intact. Ego left behind in the rocks and puddles.
The next day we went trekking across the road from camp, following the stream up the gorge, skipping past buffalo crap and butterflies till we came to the POOL! Not just one...three, one after the orger with a waterfall at the end of it.
Kinda like the place you want to put underwater lighting a fence around and tell everyone else to fuck off.
Of course the California Sunshine working its way through our bloodstream aided this covetousness!

Back from Mori and self gets sent to Bangalore to cover Aerosmith. So what if they're old and we'd rather fancy Steven's daughter than him. Hitched a ride with MissedKaul and ended up staying at her boy's place way out in the north of the city.
Did manage to get out teh first night and landed up at the bar of the restaurant where the band was chowing down. At least Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton were. Not that I knew Tom Hamilton was Tom Hamilton till we checked flyers. Standing in the aisle smoking plain nicotine and Joe P walks by and asks if its a joint. Too tongue tied to say anything, uhhudd till guy who was bumming drags stauck his hand out. Pressed flesh and then continued with the gaping till he left 5 seconds later. Oh well.
Gig was awesome. The sound was fucked. As was the dumbass air guitar opening act.
Flew back the next day and was following rain clouds from the sky when I saw my first real rain circle..not a bow, but a full fucking circle. Feel particularly blessed after that.

Last weekend, hopped on board a junket heading to God's own country and the beautiful backwaters. First houseboat ride, first toddy and tapioca outing, first time to me mum's home town.
Been a memorable few weeks and just got better.
How so?

Remember the book?
I found a publisher!

Monday, June 11, 2007

third weekend trip in a row!

The Radisson Plaza, Kumarakom

manic monsoon!

vella on Vembanad Lake

oooooh lights!

lake side pool villas!

too much to take?

toddy, tapioca and fried fish!

damn that's a big 'un!

houseboating 2

houseboating 3


meditation island

Leavin.. on a speedboat...

mandatory fishing net visit

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

bangalore blues

Mushroom cloud anyone?

What you get to do if you don't cough up dough

Bangalore night

Electric Garden City

Moonlit Mahima

Crazy custom cruiser

Leaving town...

Rain circle!!

Trippy fucking shit