Monday, April 30, 2007

rant rant

What’s the deal with al these PILs nowadays? Can’t people finally accept that no one has yet invented anything to turn back time, that the world is getting smaller…that east and west no longer exist?
How many stories do we hear about the number of Indians (some very influential) in the States and the UK? How many about foreigners in India?
Is anyone taking a look at all the white trash that’s washing up on our shores of late though?
Why can’t our morally upright citizens understand that when women like Mallika Sherawat, Mandira Bedi, Aishwarya Rai and so on, do that thing, wear that bling… they’re consenting adults. Of course, in Mandira’s case, just more time to tie a sari.
In the words of a good friend of mine, “Bhai tere gaand mein kya keeda hai?
Of course, it’s also quite likely that the actual complainant was probably the litigant’s fat-ass ugly wife, with a personal grouse against everything beautiful.
We wouldn’t be having these issues if people in this country weren’t so resilient to change. Women are coming out more every day. You don’t need me to tell you this.
Are we the Taliban or have we acquired the Iranian police’s prudish urges?
How many times do these illiterate rabble-rousers have to be reminded of our heritage, the one they keep wanting to save?
The same heritage that assimiliated Mughlai chicken, left-hand drive and now McDonald’s, with nary a dent in the dharma.
And they’re worried about someone showing a boob on screen? So?
If your children were educated a little better, especially on matters sexual, you wouldn’t have so many horny, repressed bastards cruising for bruisings.
Why do you think big-screen booby shaking is still popular in Bollywood. Our country is built on aspirations, dreams. Which means Bollywood owes its bucks to poverty.
That’s the issue these so-upright-they-have-a-stick-up-their-arse people should be championing. Enact new laws that protect Indians from racism in their own country, so that chuts who run restaurants and clubs, the ones who fawn after blonde hair and accents, learn who comes first.

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Pong song

Published: 19/4/2007. Hindustan Times, Mumbai

Friday, April 13, 2007

prepping for the Pakis

After taking on SouthbySouthWest in Austin, Texas last month, Menwhopause hit the long road to Pakistan this weekend for a gig in Lahore. Gand maar ke aana bhaiyo!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Maxim does the mascots

Aaaho Bhaiyo.... gand marao!

The death of Dumbo

aaja mere lode par baith ja!

Giving Dumbo the diddles

Shush little birdie, don't you cry

Sir, sir, sir, sir, sir, pleeaseee put me down!

Tourist impersonator!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Lost in translation... pahadi style

Can just imagine Sirdie asking, "Haan bhai paaji...koi cold-shold beer hai?
Don't miss the ode to the ages by the side....

And here we thought it was the flailers and kickers that drowned....

Oh well.....

Pong Lake with pictures- four days of fishing

first glimpse

Rajkumar: "Ab vapas chale sir.. roti khani hai..."

The Angler's Lodge broods in the gloom

sunrise over the Dhauladhars

Bringing in the bait fish

Playing it out in a purple Pong

Face saver catch

Tits 'n' ass

Buffalo Bum Cody

Dahlias and Dung

Seriously now?

Well, this is Ludhiana!

Monday, April 02, 2007


You'd usually see her through the haze of bong smoke....

goodbye Shakti... you will be missed

takes a while to get used to change...
The first person to be truly interested in my "book".. now consigned to limbo in the hands of unmentioned publishers.. she'd ask every time we'd meet about it, much before it was actually written.
Will always remember J&S's ultra chic pad in Def Col, with the jumble on the fridge and the peeling yellow plaster...the random conversation and eccentric music..

most of all, a would-be mentor and door-keeper...
Last SMS exchanged was that Saturday afternoon.. Had sent urgent SOS asking how much she'd read and she'd said she'd gone through half and had found it engrossing with minor details in structure.. Said she'd email me a detailed list by Monday, being busy with the other book Bracket were doing...
Went to sleep somewhat eased and then H calls and gives the news...