Saturday, October 13, 2007

An evening with Sri Sri

So Talli took me to see the guru hold audience rock star style in jam packed Sai Auditorium last week. Quite an interesting man...
Most of what he says makes a lot of sense.. simple truths that anyone can realise by themselves, they just need someone else to tell them... or they don't want to accept it themselves..
The man himself is humorously articulate; except when someone asked him why he charges for his brand of spirituality... he left that to his minions...

Then there was that question on retaliation and turning the cheek... and SS says go ahead and strike back.. but with love.. what? Wrong thing to tell a road-raged, parking-afflicted Delhi...
And sure enough, when we left there was some shouting reversing happening outside.
When people hang on your every word, one should be really careful of what they're saying.. is all

Made me think about why people who live up in the mountains or by the sea are friendlier.. maybe being landlocked and having a sewer for a river has something to do with it..

Also something else some guy at the lectern said about the big man having an aura. Up close, without the photoshop, he's a middle aged hippie who likes to pick his nose. Not all the time of course. But he walks into a sardine can of dancing, singing and praise shouting. There's nothing cultish about it, there's very little order, everything's just played by ear...

oh well to each his own


Blogger LostLittleGirl said...

ha ha ha. Still I guess to each his own, no matter how daft it really is.

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Pesto Sauce said...

Perhaps you are each his own. But you got the thing about him right...he tells the same stuff which everyone wants to deny or ignore inspite of knowing. It is simpply a reaffirmation of humanity

6:53 PM  

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