Tuesday, January 02, 2007

the madness of the family fernandes

In retrospect, this was the different Christmas break. Not as expected though.

Went back to folks' for Yuletide. Woke 24th morn to the old man losing his lid at the electricity guys. Latter had arrived to disconnect the electricity, claiming power theft as reason.
Folks had shifted the meter to a different part of the boundary wall the previous evening as it was shorting out and these johnnies landed up, conveniently on a Sunday, to make some noise and get their Xmas 'gift'.

One enterprising dickhead tried to force his way through the main gate, supposedly to check power usage within the house and was promptly relieved of his right nut by a rampaging OdiousOdie. The blood on the mud pretty much got them out, but they took the electriciy with them forcing folks to shell out close to 40 grand just to get them back.

A lot happened on the 24th... went by PV to toke up with Puffy and SadGirl. Hammar and Farha, also in town after a while came by for a spot of Fifa on Xbox.
Midnight mass was surreal as always.
Apart from the M family (and ours of course), everyone else seemed mutated from Toad of Toad Hall. Bug-eyed, shawl-wrapped, round-faced and scowling visages crucifying what self has always considered angelic melodies. Imagine Silent Night being sung by the muppets on speed.
Or maybe that was just the beer and smoke before Church.

Day of Christ was at folks' place with the Junpura Junta landing up armed with gifts and Breezers and bread. Astraman and BrotherBear lost their way, within sight of the farm, of course.

Much of the past week was spent dragging self out of bed by noon, crawling down and across to the theka for 3 lagers. Come back, pull out the new giant orange beanbag (Thank you Meg!), rolling bowl, Mary and malt. Balmy winter sunshine and a ton of new books for entertainment.

The 29th rolled around and self's initial euphoria over road trip to UdiGirl's place high up in the Garhwal mountains over New Year's was nixed thanks to lazy people and oceans of fog.
New Year's eve was an anti-social affair, ending up at home with a burning table for company.
The best part?
Embedding a nail halfway into finger, right on the bony part, while trying to rip apart table with bare hands.
Note to self: Never attempt to rip apart anything with bare hands unless it's fried chicken.
Dropped sliding contraption that holds keyboard on ankle.
Sat on and dismembered spectacles at least three times...
and joy of joy! am plumb out of Mary!
Need a vacation from the vacation.


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