Friday, January 12, 2007

the bizarreness never ends

Ever since New Year's eve, self can feel the new year! It's not the weather, the cold or the snot sticking to your face in the auto.

Were bored in office the other day so fucked off to NehruStadium with Satriani, AD and the Kids for a spot of bungee jumping. Initial excitement wore off when faced with neck-straining height, sudden stoppage of bungee due to disappearance of some 'wire' and standing with crotch strapped into testicle-squeezing harness for fifteen minutes.
My first time, unlike sex, scuttled back before diving off.

Highly recommended! Inspite of that initial gut reaction that tells you you're going to flatten your face on the concrete sidewalk some 30 metres below.
Random EmceePerson, the chick who's always dressed up at events like this, strutted up to bungee too, tight top, pencil heels notwithstanding.
Took about a half hour to work up the courage to leave the security of the cage and promptly popped a boob out on the first jerk down. Ensured the bungee spot had maximum viewership for the next few dangling minutes!

The magazine's spoofing metrosexuality and self signed up for the pampering (and pain). So woke one bright morning (yesterday) and rickshawed to the Aigner store to pick up spiffy threads. Felt real nice to wander in, ripped jeans, mud-caked soles, unshaven and tattered sweater to pick up that shit. Walked out the same way hopped in another auto and headed off to the Shangri-la for an afternoon of shampoo, facial, pedicure, manicure, shave and trimming. Just the manicure didn't seem to work too well, still have claws for thumbs, but all else gets a thumbs up...including new straightened (ironed) hair.
Makes me look like a chick though. Two of them followed a bathrobed self into the gents changing room, giggling imbecilicly when they saw the beard. No snake thank God!

Back at the Dungeon, changed into spiffy new threads and did our final shots, before changing back and heading off to MolarMan for a biter-check. Half-an-hour's worth of electric whining, some pain and blood and lots of open mouth, self has new tooth where disgusting black fang used to be. MolarMan's a pretty cool dentist for ... well.. a dentist. He's getting us clip-on fangs made for free and if that isn't cool what is?!

Mary's wended her way back into my life, we have cable at home, I got paid on time and all's well with the world!


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