Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What is reality, Papa?

The TravellingTaneja donated a comic book by the same name written and illustrated by the same guys who did Asterix and Obelix. Far-out graphics and even more spaced-out plot line.

Was watching the news on the telly yesterday and the Chinese ambassador grinning into the camera claiming Arunachal Pradesh as Chinese territory.
Those dumbass kids who mowed down those pavement-bedders came on next, and of course the little kidnapped brat. Latter of course seems very fishy.
Isn't it bad news sense to broadcast news of a kidnapping, unless of course CNN-IBN had a slow news day and wanted to do something special for Children's Day.
The dad didn't seem too concerned that his one and only offspring had disappeared. Probably because he knew former was chilling in Rajdeep Sardesai's house watching Cartoon Network and digging into Kellogs.

Second conspiracy theory of late over the MCD sealing drive seems to make more sense.
When self was with the national magazine, was given these real estate guides to do, both commercial and residential for all major cities in India. The sheer number of malls expected by 2010 was enough to convince you that all Indians do is shop.
Around the same time, several papers ran stories on how the malls were getting fucked on sales, because although truckloads would come for the air-conditioned jaunt and masala corn, few came to buy anything of real worth.
And now this move to push all traders into commercial spaces. Hmmm!

Some years ago when self was with the travel magazine, several of us were invited by the Maharaja of Bikaner to check out his new Lake Palace-turned into heritage hotel, way out in the boondocks of Gajner.
We were assigned rooms all over the place and mine was in a corner. Trippy as fuck room, complete with wooden carving on the ceiling supplementing the frescoes, king-sized bed with canopy and what looked suspiciously like an original Picasso. There was also a door that looked like a cupboard, locked fast with a table against it. Didn't pay much attention initially.
Since this was the desert, it got bloody quiet, bloody quick. So quiet you could hear your brain slowly humming into sleep mode while your breath typhooned across the room.
The first night was quite blasted since the Maharaja had hosted a dinner-n-shit with expensive booze and local ganja (which Fire, the enterprising Express photographer managed to wangle from the camel-men).
Staggered back up the countless stairs and past countless spooky portraits to my room in the corner and afore-mentioned situation occurred.
A faint noise woke me a while later. A faint creeaak, tap-tap-tap. Sat up to try listen carefully through the haze and there it was again. The creeaak, tap-tap-tap.
In no mood to call room service for what may very well have been imagined noises, switched the air-conditioner on and the ensuing roar drowned out the creaking and tapping.
The next day, informed the other journo guys - Fire, Heron and SinghSaab and they came up to my room after dinner to see for themselves.
One DVD and several pegs of on-the-house-Scotch later, no sound of any sort.
We were packing up for the night, switched off the TV and stood in the doorway to see them out and a moment of silence was enough to bring out the CREAAK-TAP-TAP-TAP! Somehow seemed louder than the previous night. Loud enough to get these guys running back in with cameras at the ready. Just in case.
We followed the sound but it ended inside the closet. Heron put a ear to the closet and yeled, "Dude it's coming from here!" His voice echoed into the closet! We huddled for a closer look inside and a draught of stale cold air whispered into the room.
That pretty much sealed it for self who spent the night on an extra mattress in Fire's room down the hall.
The next morning, one of the valets explained.
The room where self was bedding down was the room the Maharaja (in previous eras) would go to bang any one or several of his many wives. The 'closet' was actually a door to a hidden corridor that led to the Zenana Mahal (Women's Quarters) some 5oo metres away. The knocking, according to the valet, was commonplace legend. Apparantly when the British invaded the palace, the women were locked in the Zenana Mahal and despite repeated attempts at breaking down the connecting door, several persished in the siege.

But what is reality anyway?
Every single one of us has a completely different perception of reality. Every one from your maid to the guy you almost bump into on the street, to your ancient friend from school to your mum's sister. Simple logic says conflict arises when realities clash. It isn't really the realities that clash, it's your perceptions that do.
You cannot even hope to understand the other person's reality. All you have to do is understand theirs might not be even close to yours.
Just that understanding is enough to divert armloads of paranoid misunderstandings.
I know this is a very simplistic way of looking at it, but then the world isn't that complicated.
Stoned once, said this to Angel who replied, "If you keep doing that, trying to understand other people, you'll end up with a lot of bottled rage because when an aggravating situation arises, understanding another person's reality doesn't always work."
Ah but then I don't believe there should be a reason for the rage. Sure, everyone gets angry, everyone loses their cool, it's a human emotion. But it doesn't take a super-human effort to not follow through with your natural instinct of shoving your boss's face through the wall.
Disassociation helps a great deal. Stepping back from the scene mentally, imagining you're someone else in the other room.
Solutions come easier when your mind isn't faced with the problem.


Blogger LostLittleGirl said...

Quite shocked! Thought I unearthed the mall behind sealing theory originally...Hmm...Cheers!

2:47 AM  
Blogger The Dude said...

nice post boyo...
really agree with you though... looking ant stuff from the outside makes you less likely to actually either kill someone or develop an ulcer... perception is everything and the irony is that everyone tries to fit the same bill...
just dont work!

5:39 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

nice post boyo... really catching..

and youre definately right about one thing though, perception is everything and despite the idiocy of folks tying to have the same ones, it just isnt possible...

and yes, disassociating helps you keep from actually beatin the crap out of a great many fools...

5:42 PM  

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