Monday, November 06, 2006

The sunny side of life

The trippiest natural visual when listening to psychedelic music are butterflies.

Moondust didn't happen. Two nights of getting hammered and one day of glazed-eye DVD watching did.
Apple hit 23 and opened up her trippy terrace-with-a-well for mostly random people to trash.
Like most 'non-smoking' just-out-of-college parties, where the stoners are huddled in the corner near the parapet while a slightly bizarre selection of audio entertainment makes conversation among the sleeker-dressed lot, standing in the middle, loud and spitty.
Probably the first night of the new winter. You could see the cold. Feel it in your ears. Smell it every time you turned your head.
And of course, people were wearing sweaters.

Woke the next day, headed out and got myself some movies (Oh Brother where art thou, V for Vendetta, Spaceballs, Pink Panther and The DaVinci Code), headed back, stuck my feet up and watched them all till the sun disappeared behind CGO Complex.
There's nothing like one day of absolute, brain-numbing, zoning out. Munchies just a call and half an hour away, enough Mary to talk to and a comfortable chair to sink into.
Am now addicted, again, to the music of Oh Brother
Later that evening, picked myself out of the armchair to head to the SecondFloor.
Raka got kicked up the ladder so threw a cut-a-cake thingy and ensuing beer with Mary in the bracing(?) balcony meant it wasn't very long before the nostrils were clogged and dripping somewhat.
Not pleasant I agree.
Staggered home after they stuck the soundtrack of Don on for the fifty five gadzillionth time.

There's been a lot of getting monged happening these past few weeks. Which is usual anyway for this time of the year.
There was eM's Halloween kick-off, the very mellow gig at Lodi with that Norse chick, there's two birthdays this friday, something on Wednesday at Laidbackwaters and We might be giving Dee her homecoming on Saturday.
Ahhh Bacchus.. tu kab jaan chootega!!?


Blogger Zaphod said...

Spaceballs! With Vinne & Pizza the Hut & Yogurt!

Haven't seen that movie in so very long and none of my friends of the female persuasion ever seem to like it...I wonder why

4:21 PM  
Blogger ybav said...

non associative writing finds an unlikely champion..
Kerouac would have been proud.

5:54 PM  
Blogger jerry said...


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