Monday, November 20, 2006


Stranger on the shore....what's playing in my head right now...

This weekend past was a crazy ride through concerts, rooftop birthday bumps, bleary-eyed Xbox360, wine, cheese, clams and vintage Astons 'n' Ferraris.
Went by Meg's on Saturday to bum a toke, ended up going for the Indian Ocean gig at The Garden of Five Senses with her friends and her.

All the while Shaggy's getting hectic over at the rooftop Thai joint where he'd called a some buds to celebrate his 22nd. Landed up close to the witching hour in time for several Kamikazes and what seemed like an endless rum 'n' coke.
I love winters in Delhi, especially with the view from that place...
The distant silhoutte of the Qutab Minar rising above misty tendrils while esoteric lullabic melodies and firewater warm you from the occassional whispers of wind that weave through your hair.

There's nothing better than an open-air fiesta on Sunday afternoon. Especially when there's some pretty damn good Italian food and free wine available.
Besides, this was at the local vintage car museum and self, like most normal men, almost-orgasms at the mere sight of alloy wheels and red paint!

The Ferrari there, not one of Maranello's more voluptuos offerings was treated to a triad of Italian tots who clambered in with a plate of pasta, dropping it on the floor, stepping in the mess, jumping into the backseat, accidentally popping open the boot and blowing the horn.
That the car was parked right next to the buffet where the crowds were, made it even more bizarre! I wouldn't leave me Ferrari unlocked when psychotic people can spill pasta!!


Blogger clit.chatting said...

the pasta treatment is saved only for your 'Stang is it? :D

2:05 PM  
Blogger Pirate of the Arabian said...

Heh.. musclecars and heterosexual men go better together than women do.. Yet to meet a woman who can send a shiver up my spine the same way 498 horses screaming out of a Shelby Cobra GT does....

3:00 PM  
Blogger InExile said...

indian ocean has officially gone way too overboard wih their folkness....they remains sweet nice guys nonetheless !!

10:22 PM  

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