Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Colour tripping

Sunday morning, woke bright and late to see landlady puttering around on the terrace with platoon of painters in tow.
Best part of the free whitewash is that landlady allowed us to choose colours. So the living room is now green, the bedroom is what Sister calls 'earthy mud' but is really shit and the bathroom's blue. Can't wait to get the brushmen out so we can put the place back together.

Was sitting on the terrace yesterday evening, watching them swab the doors and saw this bright orange flaming streak in the sky. No wasn't smoking just then, and definitely wasn't tripping. Sister saw it too, along with her office mates down in Gurgaon.
Wasn't fast enough to be a meteor. Was just this long trail of flame that eventually disappeared somewhere over the horizon beyond the CGO complex.

Ahh well..


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