Monday, October 09, 2006

Autumn Sunday

Cool zephyrs meander gently through sun-dappled treetops
With a rush that brings alive the ocean on the rocks
Carrying the distant frantic melodrama of televised Bollywood violin
And also the nostalgic scents of varied luncheons steaming

The recycle-men bicycle aimlessly without
Venting their hauntingly melodic spiel out loud
As faraway kites freewheel over distant garbage
And neighbourhood brats come face to face with road rage

The hops have begun to settle now
Mary and self are watching the show
As the abode is readied for the New Year
And preparations move into high gear

Nights of luminance are around the corner
Bacchanalian fiestas of food, drink and gambling
As the nights get longer and the conversations crazier
There’ll be this plunge before the partying to remember


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