Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Vacationing without travelling

so the road trip didn't work out. Instead, we threw a beach themed shindig on the terrace. Even with Bul2 in charge of conceptualising and general commotion, we managed to get the place to look somewhat like Anjuna.. The bar was nice with a sand topped table, candles in rum bottles and shells.
Sister bought palm trees and a three-person wading pool to add to the effect. Also got most people to wear beach wear.
Met Bongshell over the net and she came by with friend as did Baba with The Whore. The Whore's real name... is really Fawad with last name Zahore..Israeli-Canadian who came to India chasing a chick, who subsequently screwed him over and left taking his passport, money and visa. So he's been here for the past 2 years, riding his Bullet and working the call centre.

Lessons from the party:
Wearing a sarong with boxers beneath doesn't mean you can hide a boner.
There is no such thing as "too wet".
There is no such thing as "too drunk" and
Rum and beer really don't go together.

Woke Monday morning with the battle of Troy somewhere between my back molar and lower jaw. Went by the enamel-man and he says its 12 grand to fix the three cavities in the back molar, besides sundry other damage in other areas of the chompers. Including the dented incisor courtesy drunk Chottu trying out ballet.

Bongshell came by in the evening with The Warrior and Bam.. smoked a few in the car, drank some and went by this grilled chicken joint called Chengezi (probably after Genghis' pet cock) for some Muslim food. Floated back home in the back seat of The Warrior's black Scorpio, bloated with oil and Monk.
Hungover again today and the damn molar's still got a hissy fit.


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your'e a riot

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