Friday, September 01, 2006


New mag's got me by the round and curlies.

Pages have been bumped up to 150, one dude feels like resigning, some body else's fucked off to the mountans, and we have two weeks to get October out of the way.
BigShot ed from the States is over to help us streamline our production procedures.
It isn't that the help isn't's just that this is India... and nothing is ever organised in India.
Chaos is a way to deal with things here probably because we're used to the commotion and unneccesary hyper paranoia.
Besides, the new deadlines in place, for everything, will take some getting used to for people used to being on NET (non-existent time).

Almost every single newspaper and magazine I've worked with here run on panic mode with everything coming in at the last minute.

If we pull this off, we'll probably be the most professionally-run outfit in town.
But for the first day of the schedule in place, things are going to plan...

Hmm... there just might be something in this method.


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