Friday, September 08, 2006

The Satya Niketan scene

Most memories of the call centre are coloured by this brown haze of hash smoke.
Sorta like a sepia-tinted home movie..

Baba's affinity for the high life, especially after the first dungeon he moved into after packing out of his folks' place, meant that the next two houses he lived in Satya Niketan were way up on the roof.
View was nothing fantastic...just more houses, with more refugees, mostly frigging hot North East chicks... So actually the view was pretty good, but only if you were looking at the right place at the right time.
Once, doing a double shift at the call centre, Baba wandered into one of the unattended conference rooms and wandered out with the projector in his rucksack.
Cables and all. Unknown to all.
Till Malik, Chadha, One-Eyed Jack and self dropped by one weekend to watch Pulp Fiction and Baba had set up the projector on his terrace with a home theatre system as supporting cast.
Remember walking in just as Mia Wallace said, "Ketchup" and looking around to see practically every eye level neighbour also on their roofs, all equipped with refreshments and easy chairs, also watching the movie.

This was the second highrise Baba moved to.
The first highrise over looked the Ring Road, with a second, higher terrace with a dangerously low railing. Remember once Taru and self, after a long night's work, were on the higher level, smoking a relaxed spliff and waiting for Baba to get the rum up.
There was this tree with branches that came right up to the top floor.
The conversation veered towards earthquakes (I think the Latur quake had just happened) and Taru asks, "Dude, how do we get down from here if an earthquake strikes right now?"
And asnwering his own question, looks down at the tree and points.
Taru: "Hey, we could jump to that branch, then that branch, then that branch, then that one, and we're on the ground!"
Me: "Yeah whatever man"
Taru "Let's try it!" passes the spliff to me and drops a leg over the railing.
We're six floors off the ground so this sudden development took me a bit by surprise.
Before I could say or do anything, Taru's standing with his bum to the railing, facing the tree, getting ready to jump.
Baba came up the ladder in the nick of time to grab him by his collar and pulled him back over.

This other time, Baba, Taru, Taru's three roomies, The Dog and self were booming and chugging at Baba's. The smoke ran out, so we decided to troop down to Taru's who then lived three lanes down to pick up some weed.
We walk through the door and climb up single file to their floor. There's a faint smell of smoke in the stairwell, but we ignore it and keep climbing.
The smoke's getting thicker and thicker till when we get to Taru's flat, this fat cloud of grey smoke is pulsing through from under the door.
Taru opens the door as soon as his pot-fried fingers can and we burst in to see all four mattresses in flame! The fire's fucking trippy to look at, with orange tongues licking the ceiling and proceeding toward the wooden doors.
Taru looks at his roomies, they look at him and at each other and as of one accord say, "Fuck it man, pick up the weed, we'll come back when it goes out,"
Luckily The Dog wasn't as stoned as the rest of us, so he ran into the loo and threw a bucket of water on the mattresses.
The fire goes oout, one of Taru's roomie's looks accusingly at The Dog and says, "Fucker, you just wet my bed!"


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