Friday, September 22, 2006

Kicking it

Do you know what it feels like when you finally realise your life is starting to take off? That whole 'prime-of-my-life' deal?
Feel it coming on... feels nice...very nice..

At work right now. We're doing a review of high-end whiskies and guess who's doing the review? Since there are so many whiskies and such little time, I have to drink in the office. Heh
We've gotten a bigass 50inch Hitachi plasma TV to review and since it's too big for anyone to take home, we've hooked it up in the office with VH1 stuck on channel search.

Last night was pretty crazy. Mundu and ShutterSpeed came by with beer and we toked a fuckload..finished the sweet motherfucking blueberry blunts Dee brought back with her. Was about to pass out and Tinkerbell says she's had a fight with the boyfriend, takes a cab and lands up at somewhere near 2am.
One drink leads to another, one packed spliff leads to another and before I knew exactly what the fuck was happening, we're naked on the terrace. Orange clouds, purple sky and Tinkerbell grinding in rhythm with the constant breeze.

Woke up this morning and credit card debt I'd skipped out on some years ago caught up with me with LongArmLaw banging on the door. Initial paranoia over arrest warrants and bail melted after sweet talk and hush money exchanged ears and hands.

Maybe it's the rye, maybe it's the sex, maybe it's the adrenaline...

This past weekend was the partying-with-nausea type.
Went by the Dada music thingy on Friday night...entry charges instead of by invitation only meant half of the city's chutiyas landed up jostling each other at the bar...
Headed off across the river with Bossman to pick up latter's chika and ended up smoking some more and drinking some more there before heading back with them to swig some vodka before calling it at 4 in the am.
Woke with a churning stomach and AC/DC ripping it in my head.
Sirdie and Wild Child came by in the evening as did Ladoo and we boomed a few till Sister came home.
Sister threw a shindig for her office mates in the evening. She usually kicks me out of the house when she has these things because I usually end up saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. Usually her boss. This time around, her boss turns out to be a chiller too. The only one in the flock of seagulls that dropped by.
Woke to an awkwardly numb Sunday.
Stayed home till Apple came by to get herself shot. Brought a shitload of clothes with her too like I'm some big shot fashion photographer. Shots came out nice though, but mostly because Apple's extremely photogenic.
Methinks this is some thing I can feasibly branch into. Need a better cam though. Preferably a manual. Anyone feel philanthropic enough to gift me one?


Blogger Arthur Quiller Couch said...

Fascinating. You missed out on the brand of toothpaste you use.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Pirate of the Arabian said...

Uhhh ok... *shrugs*

5:17 PM  

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