Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Chaos central

Work is madness
There are four of us in the edit team...a deputy editor, a fashion editor, a features editor and a staff writer. And one design guy. For 150 pages. On a budget of less than Rs 200,00.
The US edition which we aim at, has a team of 35 in edit, 10 in design and a budget of US$350,000

We've yet to finish the issue...closing date was last Friday.
The problem?
Our design dude is getting it on with the managing editor editor who's come down from the US. She came down to get us started on the US production schedule, but has instead, quite her job back in the States and found work in Mumbai.
What's pissing the fuck out of everybody is that we have just ONE design guy to do all our pages and plainly put, if he don't come, we fucked. Right up the arse.

Rant rant rant

First he behaves like he's doing us all a massive favour by landing up and when he does, he'll waste at least a few hours patting himself on the back.
Work goddamit!
Fucking Bongs.
What is it with Bong men and this unfounded superiority complex? All of them are brought up by mummy to be little Gods. They can do no wrong. Not just because they're Bong, but because they're mummy said so.
Fucking pissing off.
Now we have very little shit to get done with. Most of it has been delayed by a week because our man's got his dick between former ME's pants. They've started behaving like a fucking married couple. Landing up at work together, at least 2 hours late, 2 hour lunch breaks, 2 hour coffee breaks.
You can guess how much work is being done. And this is crunch time people.
It's just that this one of those guys who actually enjoys pissing off people.
Of all the office lunches we've been on, not once has he been polite to a waiter. Actually yells at them to get the menu when we've just sat down and then proceeds to crticise everything in sight.
Makes me sick.

Last night, for example, ME's grandma popped it back in the States. Not funny I know and neither was what happened later. She leaves for the airport in a hurry to catch her 7pm flight, forgetting her tickets in the office (or at his house). Lands up at the airport and calls him telling him to pick up the tickets.
He leaves work right when we're warming up to wrap the issue and disappears till close to midnight. They both end up coming back to office because she missed the flight.
Unfortunate for her.
But we're here sitting with our thumbs up our collective asses waiting for his Highness to get back and start on the pages.


Blogger Zaphod said...

I love bongs, some of my best friends are bongs but yes, they have an opinion on everything whether they know anything about it or not...and then they stop, think it over and launch into it again...oh dear...

10:58 PM  
Blogger hedonistic hobo said...

'me': bong men are a greater vice than bong women. i dunno. i was in lsr and the bong women weren't necessarily fun. save for my 2 best friends who did not grow up in eithe bongland or chitto park.

2:31 PM  
Blogger Arthur Quiller Couch said...

I feel your pain. Fucking around in office is a real downer.

3:04 PM  
Blogger moonstruck maniac said...

good luck pirate

6:15 PM  

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