Monday, September 18, 2006

Can't stop this groovin feeling

She's coming.
You can feel it...early in the mornings as a red sun firebolts its way to 30 degrees and the slightest of slight chills as the autorickshaw rattles its way down Lodhi Road.
One more month.. and the pullovers will be out of the box beds...

Astraman, Kbeer and self hit the local pub sometime last week and there was this group of four 'dude' behind us. They came in a little later than us...and their first conversation was about how someone's daddy had bought a watch worth a lakh. This went something like this:
"My dad's got this Rado for a lakh"
"That's nothing, my dad got a Cartier for two lakhs"
"What are you saying man... my dad got a custom-made Bvlgari for just 16 lakhs"

They then moved to the latest cars out, the coolest places to holiday, shoes, clothes...etc.
What self couldn't figure out is why their conversation revolved only around the object and its price. None of them seemed to know what it was good for and what all it could do..
"Arre yaar, lets go to Prague for New Year's. Its cheaper than Bangkok" Really? No shit..If there's anything more irritating than a's an ignorant poser...
Like the types who will ask you if you're smoking Malani cream or the types who will sneer at you and say, "Hash? Yuk! I only smoke weed"
The stupidest posers are those who'll say shit like.."Don't worry man..I know the owner..entry's not an issue"
So that when you get to the party, not only do you NOT get to get insde, you're also humiliated by the bouncers, the organisers and anybody who happens to be standing outside.

Went by the folks' restaurant this past Sunday for lunch with the Laul and Megs. The new place seems bigger than the earlier place and they've been doing roaring business thanks to the much better location. Folks had organised some animal activist gathering after lunch hours and a troupe of them came by with a video of a dilapidated monkey shelter. Complete with bloodied chimps, fractured cages and piles of leftover trash.
Dad's old friend, Mr Allan, is just like him. Puts his foot in his mouth more often than not.
Walks up to where the laptop's playing out the video with the animal activists huddled around staring seriously and asks, "Aah, so this where you get your meat from?" This is after my father spent 15 minutes describing the various flavours of an enema to a very stoned Laul and Megs.

New toys to play with this week include a Sony Vaio (which was sent back because the spacebar, tab key and O key refused to work. Also didn't have Microsoft Office, so useless to me) and a Wespro 10MGP video camera. Nice looking piece of shit. Light too.


Blogger all meshed up said...

she really is han? been surfin around fr the past couple'o'minutes nd almost all of em blogs r mentioning her.

7:04 PM  
Blogger hedonistic hobo said...

delhi follows you everywhere. met a specimen here who wanted to know, fhi, whether i owned a watch to match every shirt of mine. obviously i do, secret love child of kumaramangalam birla as i am. i only live the hobo life for fun. wait, does that entitle me to any property given the direct bloodline have been screwed over as well? hmm..shall go now and ponder my future.
on other asides, another poser thing that i know delhi people do (bombay people i know very little about and the ones i do know do not do weed. south bombay does not approve of marijuana) 'u smoking? weed or hash?'. dude i'm sharing the love, don't question it. :)

7:47 PM  

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