Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blissful boredom

Work's settling into a groove I can sort of breathe and write some.
Things are mostly on track...what isn't...dekha jayega

There's been no Mary in my life for the past week and the boredom of an evening devoid of pot has been getting to me. Don't feel like talking to anyone, don't feel like going anywhere, don't feel like doing anything. Just go back home, pour a Monk and Coke and stare glassy-eyed at random crap on the telly.

Sister's birthday's this weekend and following tradition, the Jungpura Junta is hitting the highway south of the border. No long road trip this time. Just to some place called Shiva Oasis (hmmmm time to boom the shankar) some way down the Delhi-Jaipur highway.
Wanted to head up north to the hills, but hill driving isn't this lots' cup of tea.
I don't care really.
Just need to GET OUT! Plus there's a pool there so shouldn' be all sidey.

Last trip, we hit the Chirmi Palace in Jaipur, which was really a trumped up early 20th century haveli than a palace. But there was no body else except us and there was a small algae-covered pool that Bul2 invaded sometime after she drank rum with Axe deodorant. (The deo was courtesy Astraman who wanted to snog her and was trying to get her blasted).
After the initial few hours, the endless beer and joints on the way over, besides the endless rum and a special fattie at the "Palace" and self crashed out well before the others.
Woke in the morning, groped around to find my phone, discovered it missing and headed to the room where we'd been partying.
Burst in with a "Rise and Shine" to see Astraman cuddling Bul2 on one bed, both stark naked with Raka grinning sheepishly on the other as Charisma wriggled back under the sheets.

Don't think I can handle the trip without Mary though. She's been my travelling companion for ages now. The only thing that keeps me from getting pissed at asinine drivers and moronic conversation.
Why can't people shut up, drive and enjoy the view?
Why is it always necessary to keep up inane banter?

Dee's back from the UK. Have been chatting with her for some months now. First chick I met off the Internet. Nice kid. Someone I'd want to get to know a lot better.
More later


Blogger jerry said...

Dude you might as well get to Pushkar, if you're already on the road. A peaceful few hours more, there's that Pink Floyd Cafe there. (No, unlike the music critic they don't serve it on a plate for free.) Its quite decent otherwise. Cheers man...

2:38 PM  
Blogger jhOOmur said...

why no Mary? Come share mine...with Warier... :)

3:51 PM  

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