Thursday, August 17, 2006

Still around

Been fucking swamped with work this past two weeks. The mag's been on a buzzing deadline besides all the random out-of-the-blue partying that's been happening in town recently.
We (Kbeer and self) threw a combo celebratory shindig because we both moved to new visiting cards within days of each other. Now he's on the straight flight to Vienna.

Party was all right. Not the numbers I was expecting but then again... the bar's been wet since. All our scenes are BYOB.. so..

Smoked a spliff the next day and went shopping by myself. Hate going with other people, especially if I have to stop, stand and wait while someone checks out something they're really not going to buy.
Got a good deal on a digi-cam too.

Working here is pretty chiller.
There are six guys, five of whom have been introduced to the magic dragon.
And there's the BritChick who handles fashion.
Small outfit. Well equipped. And with a work ethic that requires one to be really on-the-ball.

The Confessor had her little pre-Independance Day get together on I-Day eve and though folks took their time getting there, went for a bit before strangers outnumbered the regulars.

There's another boozer binge tonight.. another birthday. Another housewarming this Saturday...

Ahh my liver..where art thou?


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