Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Scapegoat politics and the fairness of life

Came in late to work on Sunday because I had to run to Gurgaon on family emergency.

As a consequence, didn't pay much attention to the page and Barkha Dutt went as CNBC managing editor (where she is actually NDTV's managing editor.. for those who don't know or care who Barkha Dutt is).
Stupid mistake on my part... but the mistake ran even though the page was read by a senior editor before release.
Something else I didn't know till today was that Anand Sharma (some vague minister) went as Sajjan Kumar (an equally vague politician).

Now, as Barkha D is bumchums with everybody down from ol' Viru, I was getting serious flack.
Viru'd been yelling at my ed to suspend or fire me pretty much all day..

All this over a caption??? It isn't like I said Barkha Dutt was a scheming little newswhore, or a dwarf she-male or an amputated penis ... I just got her place of work wrong ...

Did anyone read the HT on Saturday? The 'riveting' story on some divorced Thai princess who wants a crack at the Jaipur millions? Did anyone notice the bit with the fucked up dates?
That's a MAIN paper goof up... but of course.. the Thai princess is nobody's friend. So even though the Resident Editor read that story, I doubt they're gonna find a scapegoat there to crucify.

What is getting my goat is that everywhere else, it is the person doing the final checking that is at fault if a mistake goes. I ain't saying none of it was my fault, but not all of it is either.

A couple of days ago, some random businessman was photographed with his hand on some chick's ass. The reporter who covered the party said the man was Onkar Singh (of Apollo Tyres) and the chick was Ruheen Jaiswal (some Mumbai-based socialite).
I had (and still have) no idea on what this Ruheen woman looks like so I obviously assumed his information to be correct and ran a caption that said "Watch your hand sonny".
Turns out the chick is actually his daughter.
Guess who gets stuck with complete blame?

Met Viru a couple of days ago and he says they want to chuck me out because of the captions.
Asked him if he could reconsider the decision.
He mumbles something that sounds like "I've made up my mind" so I shrug and leave.

Got back to my desk, made a few phone calls, fixed an interview for 6pm the same day, and am now features editor at the coolest lad mag around.. hint hint: MAXIMum exposure
In your face Barracuda Bitch and ViruS..

Folk from the earlier place had been calling to find out what happened. Most were in shock, but then with the megalomaniacs running that joint, you can't expect anything better..


Blogger K said...

CF, you sure you want to write all of this?

6:14 PM  
Blogger Sriram said...

It really fuckin sucks to edit copy, if that's what you were doing, I feel your pain buddy.
The hand on ass caption really made me laugh though. ROFL.

3:05 AM  

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