Monday, August 07, 2006

It's a small ass world

After all the hullabaloo last week (read post below) self has been settling into the new place gradually..

Some coincidences:
* The deputy editor and self have common friends in the Warrior and the Monkey
* The intern and the Dionysian are chaddi buddies
* The graphic designer here is the younger brother of the graphic designer at the earlier magazine I used to be with
* A school friend contributes illustrations to the magazine
* Another friend works with another magazine in the same group in the same building as does a designer who used to be at the paper.
* Chicklet who used to work with self at the travel magazine is also here, working on this other travel magazine.
* The fashion editor lives literally right behind my house.
* Also, when I showed my offer letter to the folks, turns out the president of the company is a family friend!!

Went to the farm this past Saturday night..folks have five more dogs including three prancing gay fuckers that some Russian ballerina left them.
Bambi's death has made FatBastard mellower.. he sleeps in her spot, eats from her bowl and doesn't try to dry hump everythng in sight anymore.
The Napoleanic aggression of Junior has also faded away with newer dogs and lesser attention going around. He stays away from the house near the bamboo grove..
Pickles the half Doberman-Rottweiler doesnt do much .. sits in a hole he dug in the shade of his private condo and woofs lazily at passing clouds and village children..
The farm's value has rocketed up into the big bucks what with a super expressway being planned nearby. So the one-and-a-half-acre the folks bought four years ago (in the then back of beyond) is now pushing the multi-crore envelope..much to everyone's surprise and delight.
The trees are coming up too.. Folks ave stopped trying to exercise their horticultural skills and have decided on shady fruit trees instead of fricking onions and carrots and brocolli.
Been trying to convince folks to put in a pool.. at least a 3-ft wading pool..
but they say the dogs will just use it as a giant lavatory anyway..

It's always nice to go home once in a while (once-in-a-while being the operative phrase).. even with the 3am yowling and occasional canine slobber finding its way into your ear when you least expect it..


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did you also know The Intern and I are friends?

it's a REALLY small ass world.

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