Friday, August 18, 2006

I got too much time on my hands

Last blowout we had on the terrace, folks really appreciated the view of the sky. Living in the city, a view is something you don't really consider when you're looking for a place to shift too.
But we've tried our best.
The GK house sucked. It faced out into a lane and the terrace wasn't high enough for a proper view. All we got to see were black Sintex tanks, old woman bras drying and an electric Medusa.
The first Gurgaon house isn't even worth mentioning. Ground floor with no voltage stabiliser. So we had disco lights in the kitchen and had to use a candle to crap. Almost like the outhouse on the island.
The second PV house was pretty close to perfect. The front balcony overlooked the lane in front of the house, beyond which was a small park sort of thing, the Delhi-Jaipur railway line and then fields that dispersed into hazy forest.
Fucking trippy in the winters when the Palace on Wheels loco would come steaming through the morning mist with mustard fields running alongside. Not to mention trainspotting after dark and random air-rifle practice at milkmen perched on top of the local trains.

The JP house, however, is in a league of its own. Ok fine, there's no endless fields and forest, but there is a panoramic view of the city, which on a nice night can make this town seem to be a really nice place to live.
The thing is .. it's never really night in the city.
The night sky over is always this dark purple with (nowadays) orange puffs.
Sporadic trains from nearby Nizamuddin will announce their arrival, planes will drone dutifully overhead toward Palam and IGI and annoying neighbours will race their un-muffled Enfields up and down the road outside your house.

Nothing new I know.. but a night spent at the folks outside Gurgaon, just an hour or so away and the inky black sky is packed with starlight. The only sound apart from the dogs wheezing and whining is the faraway sound of a tractor being worked while the stilted melody of some really shady Hindi song rides the constant zephyrs blowing your way.

The only time I remember being in the real wilderness in India, with literally not a soul in sight, was when we were heading to Goa for New Year's in 2004.
The Goa Express was passing through Karnataka and stopped in the ghats for a bit sometime around 2 in the am.
Most passengers were asleep, but remember being too wired for shut eye.
So SoapSuds and self hopped out to stretch our legs and our voices were the only sound we could hear.
Looked up and the sky was bright with star light. The first time I'd ever seen anything like that. We shut up for a bit and the absolute peace was oddly calming and nerve-wracking at the same time.
Which is when we got the idea to light one of the 100-laddi firecrackers we had with us (for New Year's Eve) and chuck it in the bushes beyond the track.
Of course SoapSuds had to shout "Veerapan, Veerapan" at the top of his nasal voice before clambering back up, giggling uncontrollably.

Good times


Blogger Spacewoman Shilp said...

:) yeah, PV is a nice place to be in.

9:55 PM  
Blogger all meshed up said...

Since you r a regular at the hills, I figured you might’ve had many a more brushes with the “real wilderness in India”. Particularly in the more west-ish regions of himachal. I don’t kno if u’ve ever been there but a couple of hundred miles from bilaspur (very south to dharamshala) there are a bunch of small boondocky townships which score pretty high on the wilderness quotient. I remember this onetime there, when all of us were hanging around outside, gawking at the striking hills when someone, just for kicks, switched off all the lights. It became so freakin dark that we culdnt even see (or make out) our hands. And because the stereo went off the only noise we cud hear was the mellow noise of a distant brook. Have many memories around that place, but this one I like goin back too.

P.S: none of my business but why the sudden white?!!

8:14 PM  
Blogger Pirate of the Arabian said...

because i was getting a headache looking at white on black...

10:40 AM  

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