Sunday, July 16, 2006

RIP Bambi

Our oldest mutt kicked the bucket this morning.
Folks had been telling Sister and self for the past couple of weeks to come down to the farm to meet her before she left but with the trip to the mountains and other stuff, we'd been putting it off. Thought we'd go down this coming weekend but death waits for no one.

Bambi first came into our lives as a cowering puppy when we were living in the boondocks. This was way back in 1992, so she's probably out lived most of her litter.
She was the perky short-haired black and white bitch who mothered most of our current canines.
She's been the matriarch of the pack ever since Doogie the Devil died of distemper some time in the latter years of the previous century.
Age had really gotten to her.. cataracts, arthiritis, weak bladder, falling teeth, black hair fuzzed into white. Lots of dogs have died on us over the years, but she'll always be remembered.


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