Monday, July 24, 2006

My first main paper story

Get high for a pittance

New Delhi, July 9

Everybody likes to get high, each in his own way. Some ‘do’ alcohol, marijuana, coke, heroine and other substances. But how many of you know about munakka? No not the round, soft dried fruit with the big seed, but the packaged Ayurvedic digestive you can pick from any paanwadi anywhere in the city.
What makes it potentially potent is the presence of 25 per cent cannabis, along with other various ingredients like pepper, actual munakka and other presumably Ayurvedic ingredients. This little bomb cannot be eaten by itself, as the taste is horribly bitter. It has to be washed down with something, preferably cold and carbonated.
But after one of these, one finally understands the concept of comfortably numb.
The effect of smoking cannabis is very different from eating cannabis. When smoking cannabis, quite a bit of the drug is burnt away and the smoke, although affecting the brain almost instantly, doesn’t last too long. When consumed however, in this manner, every bit of that 25 per cent is ingested, lengthening the high for some times as much as six hours.
Inquiries into the appearance and legal availability at the local paan shop yield a philosophical answer, "Kya jaane sir, aapko kitna chahiye". (Who know sir, how much do you want?)
Some "users" like Vivek Kaul and his friends are hooked to it because it gets them high, it costs Re 1, and they can pop around to the cigarette shop right by his house to buy it legally. Their house is littered with empty red and blue packets with strings of them ready and waiting. "Smoking is injurious to your health," says Kaul, "munakka isn’t. Can you think of a better way to get high and clear your bowels all at the same time?"


Blogger pushpendra said...

Munnaka , is that some kinda addiction. i think so!!! but If it works well for me man I'll be the most happiest person on Earth.

1:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hilarious and enlightening. I had no idea. US traveler.

9:37 PM  

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