Monday, July 03, 2006

Mountain roads, take me home

Jas just called ordering me to take leave next week as Chottu and her are planning a trip up to the misty mountains..
Haven't been up in 2 years and with the humidity in this city slowly steaming my brain.. need to get the fuck out asap.

Just hope everything goes according to plan

It should be raining. When its raining there are fewer annoying tourists, the filth of New Manali is washed away and the fishing is excellent.

Can't wait to get on the road again!!
First real vacation since Goa 2004!!

Ok the excitement is getting the better of me.
Especially with the frantic phone calls over organising the taxi, cancelling the taxi and booking seats on the Volvo, cancelling seats on the Volvo, shifting departure to Sunday night (from Sunday morning) and hyperactive paranoia on leave dates on matching.

Of the million times I've waxed eloquent on this little hill station, I think I'm going to go over board when I get back!
If I close my eyes, I can see myself walking up Circuit House road, left into Johnson's Cafe for fresh fried trout and crisp cold beer out in the verandah.
Sitting on one of those giant moss-covered boulders in the forest-park looking up at the skyscraping pine trees as the filtered green light washes everything teal.
Doing the thigh-burning 3-and-a-half kilometre trek up to Vashisht while smoking a joint just to prove that pot doesn't fuck your stamina, getting to Vashisht just in time to sink for a few hours in the hot springs
Poi on the terrace during the day
Fire poi on the terrace at night
Hariramji and some of the most killer hash around. First met this tiny toothless old shepherd (think Mr Miyagi from Karate Kid) on the first trip here and have had the good fortune to bump into him every time I've gone up. He's gotten friendlier with each trip too. The last time I was there, we met him when we were heading down to New Manali to catch the bus home. He got very upset we hadn't met before, so he took me up above the guesthouses of Old Manali to his house in the village, made his wife get me thick, sweet yak-milk tea and slapped a big dark slab (about 4 cm thick and bigger than my entire palm) in to my hand.
"For you baba, only 600"
Couldn't fucking believe it.
Hope he hasn't kicked the bucket. Would hate having to go score from someone else.

Older dealers some how are so much more refined in their dealing.
Mike, a regular though some what inaccessible pot dealer in town is one funky guy to know.
He's a 65-year-old grandfather who lives with his wife, daughter and two grand children in a bustling part of South Delhi.
Close enough to all the action but confusing enough so the cops and random customers don't harass him.
When you go to score off Mike the first time, it's pretty bizarre.
He'll be sitting on the living room sofa, watching Friends with his grandkids. His wife will be sitting somewhere nearby knitting or sewing or doing embroidery. His daughter, a school teacher, will be in the kitchen.
You come in, say hello to every one and then at an unspoken word, one of the kids will go into the bedroom and pull out some stuff from the trunk under the bed.
The other will fetch the chillum and switch the fan off, and everybody goes back to watching TV.
Chillum boomed (and Mike's always had the really good good shit) and transaction completed, (no haggling allowed) you try to negotiate the steep winding staircase into the lane and the maze of lanes to where you parked your car.

Some time in May, had gone to Paharganj to score and met this ugly fucker who was trying to peddle me this black gunk that didn't smell anything like hash.
Being drunk and quite stoned, I bought what seemed like 2 tolas for 1100.
Three days ago, I smelled munakka for the first time nstead of just popping it in and chewing.
Yup, you got that right.
Never going to score from PG again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike reminds me of this one dealer i met in bangalore. Damn I miss the kerela gold I used to score off of him.

I chanced upon this post googling for paharganj. Was thinking of going there to score but your post has me thinking twice. You wouldn't happen to have Mike's deets handy would ya ;)? *cough* mouth4war *cough* gmail *cough*.

6:52 PM  

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