Wednesday, July 26, 2006


The steady thwump-thwump-thwump of windscreen wipers on super fast,
the seamless drumming on the roof of the car,
the phisssssssshhhhhh of wet tires on slick city streets,
the constant fucking honking, yelling and smelly feet
the squelch-squelch-squelch of the dumbass who didn't see the puddle
Raggled birds of various feathers under awnings, air-conditioners and parapets huddled
Rivers of non-negotiable road, knee deep in black water
Sudden bursts of colour from gardens washed clean
Blasts of cool air followed by suffocating invisible ether
Deep rolls of thunder that make your testicles cringe in fear
Needles of raindrops dig holes in your face as you cling to the weaving bike's rear
Slippery slippers, mud in the bathroom, laundry drying in the bedroom, seepage behind the TV
Hot crisp pakoras with steaming cups of chai around a poker table in the balcony

I'll be glad when September comes around


Blogger all meshed up said...

BRAVO on this one!!!

8:37 AM  

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