Thursday, July 20, 2006

Grey, gloomy and going nowhere

Why is there a space between Lyons and Tchakovsky?

Sticks in your head

It's drizzling outside.
Constant traffic noise, construction noise, random telephones ringing at no one, people walking from nowhere to somewhere, skipping dirty puddles and little mountains of squishy mud and black regurgitated sewer sludge.

The sky's opening up.. the sun's trying to free itself.. no... disappeared again ..
still drizzling..
Everything smells like damp detergent and mildewed feet.

Took a nice picture a couple of years ago at India Gate.. was on one of those Kodak KB10s and have lost the print somewhere.. This weather makes me want to dig out the negative, make a fresh print and scan the damn thing..
procrastinating really..

Was heading to Connaught Place in an auto and had stopped at the light that's right in front of India Gate. Light turned green, but traffic was moving really slowly. Some dumbass up front not sure of which way he wanted to go I guess.
We pass the long rectangular boating "lake" and there's these three cars: an S-class, a 5 series and a C class standing back-to-back. Inside the passengers were craning their necks skyward with expressions ranging from anxiety to disgust, while beyond them six naked street children leaped one after the other into the lake, whooping as they splash-landed.

On the trip to Manali, when we "hiked" to the river, Jas wanted to take some river stones home. Scrabbled around for a bit, almost fell in a few times, but didn't because she had me by the shirt tails and rooted out a few cool looking pebbles.
Dug a little deeper in the cold clear water and found MY ROCK, which is now my paperweight at work.
This black uneven hexagon is smooth in some areas, ridged in some and self has managed to pull a lot of leg in the office saying it's a rough diamond.
Some people will believe anything if you're convincing enough.
One chick's eyes go wide and she can't stop staring at it.. asks me, "Really? How much does it cost?"
"35 million!!"
Like it would make a difference if I said 20 million.


Blogger Zaphod said...

Not relevant to the last post...just wanted to say its been a pleasure reading your blog...really really miss Delhi right now and especially Manali and Dharamshala...look forward to hearing more!

5:46 PM  

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