Saturday, July 01, 2006

Elevated on one fantastic Friday

Yesterday was bizarre.

We have a rat problem in the office. First noticed it when a bandicoot the size of a mutton tikka roll jumped out onto a chick's keyboard a couple of days ago.
Apart from the near heart attack her sudden screech gave everybody, we had to endure with the nauseatingly heady smell of rat poison being sprayed under the desks.
So when the nearly foot-long cat bait crawled out from behind the lockers, into the aisle to die presumably, my neighbour MrThapa leaped out of his seat to grab it by the tail and wave it around to the obvious horror of those around.
One of our photographers ran up to take pictures till everyone got bored or busy and left it alone.
SuperBossMan came by to shoot the breeze with my ed a little later and was standing with his back to the rat. Took a step back, stepped on its tail, and almost hit the ceiling when he heard the squeak and turned around.
Left office and headed back to Jungpura and Dee's place to watch Argentina lose shamelessly to Germany.
Had smoked some of Dee's pretty good shit and drank some beer when Baba called wanting to know if Elevate was a possibility.
Yesterday being his birthday, the trip was on him.
Staggered home from Dee's place and Baba landed up soon after.
Smoked another spliff, drank some more beer and left, meeting up with Vibu, Mandi and Shakester in the parking lot.
Dropped some Lucy, smoked some more pot, did a little MDMA and headed up.
Xenomorph from Germany was playing .. music was a little wierd because he was playing it "live" on the guitar.
Fucking up his set by adding unnecessary meaningless distortion right when the beat and the energy picked up.
Got a little better when Dale came up and spun some proper dark.
Also now acknowledge the woofer at the foot of the BodySonic floor to be the best bum massager around.
Don't think the Lucy did anything, although the MDMA was one happy happy happy trip.
Especially the second time round.
Smile smile smile, bounce bounce bounce, wave wave wave, smile bounce wave.
The guy behind me chanting fuck fuckitty fuck fuck fuck...

Delhi's stoner crowd being the close-knit "Hey you look familiar, have I tripped with you before" type, dawn at a rave is always deja vu.
The chick with the psychedelic braids and hot pants who you've been tripping on all night turns out to be your sister's friend, the guy with the giant afro and purple pajamas used to play ball in school with you...
and with the MDMA going full blast, it just felt really really nice to be chilling with people you've always been chilling with and not the complete strangers everybody is in the night.
Some time just before dawn, discovered some munakka in my pocket which I split with Mandi and that little cocktail kept me alert, alive and ready for action.
Except for the sudden, immediate urge to bomb Pakistan.
A good shit about a half-hour after a good hit some how always seems to make the trip last longer. I guess the paranoia of holding it in disappears, lightening the load so to speak.
Left at 6 because the bouncers wanted to go home, and everybody came over to smoke a spliff. But not before Mandi's extended philosophical debate with Xenomorph on leather pants and break beats.
Came home and discovered Shakester used to work in the same office as Sister, Kbeer, Chottu and Raka. Also latter and Mandi had come by for the birthday blowout and we had boomed a chillum, which was really freaky considering I thought this was the first time I was meeting them.
Small world just gets closer.


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