Monday, July 03, 2006

The almost perfect weekend

Saturday night and new neighbours threw a house-warming blowout.
Interesting crowd, eclectic conversation, plenty of alcohol and sporadic spliffs made this quite the fun night.
For a change, social conversation in Jungpura did not involve which is the most expensive car in the market, who's buying what stock and how much money was spent, blown, lost on useless activities.
Laksh landed up just as I was getting home and one last spliff later, passed into comfortable oblivion.
Woke up around noon, rolled some leftover Mary and headed to Erato's to help set up and offer suggestions on interior decor.
She has a very interesting house. First-floor affair where the rear balcony is actually the front balcony and the light switches are hooked up to the fans.
There's a serving window that drops down into the kitchen (like a drawbridge) so suggested a mural of the Red Queen's castle with the magic mushrooms, enchanted forest, March Hare, the white rabbit and the whole manic Wonderland scene.
Popped a bottle of Himachali apricot wine, guffed on pasta and sat around waiting for the plumbers, electricians and carpenters to make the flat livable.

Strolled home and Sharky called wanting to hook up in the evening.
So when he came by, we scored some beer and munakka and proceeded back to the terrace.
Kbeer called while we were on the way saying they were picking up tickets for Superman Returns and if I wanted to come along
Had been dyi9ng to watch that movie, so jumped at the chance.
Sharky left later in the evening, so headed to the SecondFloor for more beer, idle conversation and televised sport before we left for the movie.
I must say I was sorely disappointed. Lois Lane was a cardboard cutout and Superman is now a daddy. Almost 2 decades after Christopher Reeve and Gene Hackman and this is the shit we have to watch.
Kevin Spacey was Dr Evil (from Austin Powers) than Lex Luthor and the only Indian dude in the movie - Kal Penn - didn't even have dialogue. Suppose he's telepathically linked to the bald man with the funny head.
Don't go to the cinemas to watch this... borrow or burn a DVD.. just not worth the money...


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