Monday, June 19, 2006

Where's the party yaar?

An eponymous part of Delhi culture, the outdoor rave scene has always been regularly fucked in this city. Either there's dealers getting busted, organisers charging obscene amounts for entry and water or its the drunk puppy crowd that gatecrashes and somehow manage to screw the whole damn party.

Ok ok I know I'm being a little negative.
There have been some really kickass parties in town. The best I remember was when Neuromotor came down to spin at Hindon Farms, Ghaziabad a long, long time ago. The worst was this half-baked, regurgitated Euro-trash thing at Woodstock in Vasant Kunj.

Almost four years of regular outdoor parties later, I'v had enough. I'd rather do the outdoor scene in Goa, but that too has become more tiresome than enjoyable.
People on drugs have just gotten more irritating over the years. Plus when I see children who were in braces and braids just a few years ago, rolling a joint and talking Dead to me.. I feel old.

Which is why I like to throw my own scene once in a while.
Actually the last big blowout we had was in December last year when we called pretty much everybody we knew (with instructions to get their own poison) and more than half landed up with friends in tow.
I don't remember most of it... Sharky got drunk, tried to pee in the kitchen sink, got himself thrown out, whereupon he bolted the apartment door from outside and promptly dropped his cellphone four flights of stairs. When he finally did open the door, he came back in, picked up his car keys and left...switching off the electricity mains on the way out, plunging the whole building into darkness.
Of course everyone was so blasted, it took DesignerGirl and Monutain half an hour to finally go down and investigate.
Sharky, in the meanwhile, was zigzagging and speeding down the Nizamuddin bridge, racing with three guys in a Santro when they pulled him over, got him out and beat the shit out of him with an iron rod. The cops arrived in the nick of time and got him to hospital, but not before they took his wallet, car keys, necklace, and cellphone.

We threw another shindig this past weekend to celebrate a year of not moving out. Although the numbers didn't show, new people landed up like folks from the writer's group - AndAnt with juvenile brother and roomate as well as suspected girlfriend Erato; The Confessor with Shiva and Jeet as well as Dee (finally a girl who carries crazy Mary); also Vikrum with wifey Smita...

Vikrum and Smita's seven circles around the fire was a hell of a lot more fun than a regular wedding.
For starters, both bride and groom were stoned brainless. Both were giggling furiously as they went around, cloth-in-cloth with Cheema throwing flower buds instead of flower petals, missing completely and whacking the priest on the nose.
The other wedding I've been stoned at was Minnie and the Sandyman's, but that was a little bizarre... can't explain why ..
Also met MJ at their wedding... Probably the only woman I have ever loved ... but that's a long, long story.


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so y dnt u tell us all bout it, m sure wed all luv to know

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