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Urban legend - 1.. The treasure chest

One really trippy urban legend that was quite popular when we were still living in PV was the hidden treasure chest.
PV is built right on the edge of Gurgaon, quite near the airport and before Ansals came developing, it was basically the villages of Chauma (the bigger one) and Carterpuri (so named because according to the villagers, former American prez, Jimmy Carter was born here).
Before partition, this entire belt was an extremely rich Muslim farmer community.
After Independence, they were chased off these lands, many killed and buried all over the place. Which is why, if you buy a house in PV, you might find a half-decomposed skull in your foundation.
Hamar and Farha, chaddi-buddies from PV lived in J block and their father was an Arabic scholar. Produced and directed some educational programme for Doordarshan way back in the early 90s.
This is what he told me.
Right in the middle of Carterpuri, is a large Krishna temple. It used to be a mosque before a religious revamp and some of the original structure still exists. Within the compound, is a large boulder with Arabic/Persian inscriptions on it.
According to Hamar's dad, when the Hindus came from Pakistan, the Muslims had to leave ina hurry. Their wealth was so immense, that they had to leave most of it behind.
Acting as a community, they buried the gold and jewellery at one spot and the inscripitions on the boulder is a map to the treasure.
Im not kidding you here. I've seen the boulder and I've heard Hamar's dad translate it.
The problem isn't the translation.
Its the code.
The map, when translated basically reads something like this "Take three steps from Ali's left garden, follow the broken brick road till where the Imam's donkey lays..."
Obviously only the Muslim families who were living here can decode it.
We, as kids, had a few theories though.
In the middle of J block is the Jack-n-Jill park, so called because of the huge covered well. What is even more interesting is that two of what look like the oldest trees in the area - huge gulmohars with trunks you can't reach around, stand over the well.
The trunks cross each other ...

The second theory? Do you remember hearing anything about the Ansal family before they built PV in the mid-80s? Hamar's dad always had a funny feeling that the treasure had been found and not by its intended recipients.

There is buried gold in the area. That much I'm sure of. We had a maid who was digging a tubewell behind her hovel in Carterpuri when she cracked a hidden earthenware pot that was full to the brim with real gold coins.
She bought a house in PV, 2 months later with two bedrooms more than ours.

Living in PV is like living in the Shire. There's a story under every stone.


Blogger manacled-musings said...

look whose fallin in luuuuurves with delhi now,
thers this place in faridabad(don know the exact location but heard bout the story a couple o years back when one o my uncles use to live there) where this guy had bought a peice o land, and as they were layin the foundation for a house they found some old human remains(complete with a skull)and alongside a plastic covered wooden box with actual money in it. i don know how much part o that is true but my uncle says that the guy never kept the land n cuz the story is still doin the rounds,that land still stands fallow.

3:50 PM  
Blogger Pirate of the Arabian said...

Welll....actually....PV's technically in Gurgaon and the whole neighbourhood is like a gigantic retirement home.
Once you live in PV, every where else seems hectic

4:02 PM  
Blogger Jasmineflower said...

just came across your blog and enjoyed the read, have a great day :))

9:05 PM  
Blogger Anand said...

dude. fantastic.

6:16 PM  

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