Thursday, June 22, 2006

Someone please stop the world from spinning

I'm sick.. again..
Whenever the weather changes just a little bit, it somehow seems to affect my sense of balance. It's this unidentifiable queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that occasionaly lurches out.
It's this wave of disorienting nausea that makes you see a kaleidoscope of spots when you blink..

Couldn't make it in to work yesterday for the simple reason that I couldn't get out of bed.
Didn't even have the strength to lift my head.
Didn't do much yesterday.. just slept or tried to sleep while fiery images burned their way through my brain...
It's the dreams that get me.. the half-awake, zombie-like state when reality and fantasy blurs into one chaotic roller-coaster ride .. turning your clothes and your bed into a sweat-soaked swamp of quicksand from where its impossible to break free...

Sickness aside, what is really getting to me is the ineptitude of some people I'm forced to work with.
Just adds to the stress, besides losing my ATM card, which means I'm broke even though I have money...
Really shitty place to be in right now...

I need a dosa with a bucket of sambhar


Blogger bohosyncratic said...

ahh mallu food .. its amazing what appams and stew in the morning can do for ur day. hope u get some cheers!

10:33 PM  
Blogger Jasmineflower said...

ohhhh it sounds like stress!!!

Ive been will get thru ok!!!

5:21 PM  

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