Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The simple life

I've realised over the past few months that there is really very little I want from life.
My dad used to say "My friends can borrow anything except my wife, my car and my tools". Considering I have none of the above, my priorities are slightly different.

I don't want so much money I don't know what to do with it.
I know I'm probably never going to own a Ferrari GTO, live in a villa off the Cote d'Azure or play weekend tennis with Maria Sharapova.

All I really need is a woman to make me laugh, a house with a view and enough to get by.

Some people I know have just hit their 30s and are still living off Daddy. That's just so sad.
One chap is a case study.
Biggie's 32, lives with his parents and works for his father. His work for his father is essentially advising his old man on what stocks to buy. If the stock does well, his father gives him 90 per cent. His dad bought him a C-class Kompressor on his 30th birthday and he's just been fixed up with an arranged marriage to a girl who says, "how-were-you" for hello.

On the other hand there are other guys I know who've come from well-to-do families. But not content to rest on their father's laurels, they've forged different paths to success.
GMan took a loan from his dad after college. The latter, a grain exporter, wasn't too happy with his son's decision to start his own furniture design studio, but gave him the money anyway.
That was five years ago... GMan just bought a house in Gurgaon.

Then there are those who started literally from scratch and are now breaking their way into the big bucks.
Ok, so they might be doing some things illegally to get there, but then it wouldn't be India if they didn't.
Rocky was the class failure. He also owned the local gym in PV and ran it like his own personal fiefdom. Rocky got his neighbour's 17-year-old daughter pregnant when he was in school and the families got them married to prevent public embarassment.
The next I heard of him, he was supplying manpower to the Maruti factory, got rid of his ancient Bullet and bought himself a spanking new Beemer.
Ok, so his English is limited and he looks like a serial killer, but he's also the local don and there's shit you can do to him.

For the longest time, I had an extremely strong belief that if I wanted something I'd get it. Whether hooking up with my first real relationship, getting a cool job.. whatever.
But then things are never what they seem. There always seems to be an unforeseen catch somewhere in the woodwork.
The girl was sleeping with her colleague while we were going out and the 'cool job' sucked the life out of me.

I'm quite content where I am right now, for as long as I'm here.
Work is good..fantastic really.
I write on travel, alcohol and occasionaly food besides reviewing sundry gizmos for the tech page. Also anchor the Page Three pages so I get to disburse my own brand of perverted humour. I'm getting paid better than the earlier joint and I walk in past noon and leave at 7.30pm on most days. Plus the bigwigs in this office are way more chilled out than at at the earlier place.

(Not saying that to kiss ass.. You should never kiss ass..it spoils the taste)

Besides, this blog got me into the writer's group at the British Council so I should hopefully finish the damn book by next year, the hair is growing properly, the earrings are back, I'v met several interesting women over the past few months, I have no debt, the bills are under control, we've extended the lease on the penthouse and the weather has improved...

What more could I ask for?


Blogger bohosyncratic said...

whoa! ure writing a book are you!.. seriously you have one freakin interesting life.. and even if ure not writing about it i think you should . i would so buy that.

10:00 PM  
Blogger Jasmineflower said...

Ohhh you sound happy, dont worry about the others, you sound like your head is screwed on right!!!

xx Jas

1:10 PM  
Blogger Pirate of the Arabian said...

Thank you..

11:32 AM  

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