Monday, June 26, 2006


More money is now spent on boob jobs and viagra than on Alzheimer's research.
So by the time my generation hits 60, they'll have perky tits and stiff cocks with no fucking clue why..

Wouldn't it make more sense if life was backwards?
Shouldn't one die first and get death out of the way,
Then live in a retirement home for a few years with a pension fund to keep you going..
You get your provident fund, and have enough to start working .. a career that spans the usual 40-odd years until you're young enough to enjoy retirement.. Of course since you're only getting younger, life just gets better and better..
Finally, you're 25 and can drink, smoke, live it up with no worries of long term problems,
Then you get ready for high school, which after all the living you've already done, is child's play
Education over and you're a kid again with no substantial worries and issues in a near-Calvinistic existence..
Best of all ... you live out the last nine months of your life swimming around in oblivion, ending life as an orgasm...

Now tell me that doesn't sound good...

Enlightenment ree-ally??
Alcohol and pot have this wonderful way of giving you answers to life and an equally exasperating way of making you completely forget both question and answer almost immediately...
You'll be daydreaming, sitting on the terrace on a cool, overcast monsoon Sunday, watching faraway kites freewheel against the mountain of cloud, listening to occasional strong zephyrs shake dead leaves from molting trees and you'll be hit with a FLASH!!
In the close to half an hour it takes for your brain to process the information, the doorbell rings but its not for you, the phone buzzes and it's a wrong number, a Sirdie boy will rattle past your house on a Bullet with no silencer and three crows will come and caw at you inquisitively..

Sunshine's coming back into town tomorrow..
Why do I call her Sunshine?
Because of this song...

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
It's not warm when she's away
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
And she always gone too long
anytime she goes away

Wonder this time where she's gone
Wonder if she's gone to stay
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
And this house just ain't no home
Anytime she goes away

Sappy? So what.. it fits her perfectly..
She's finally got her foot in the door in Mumbai and since she had time to kill till she joined the ad agency, promptly pushed off to the hills to chill..
Will be stopping by on her way back to the rat race...


Anonymous pradeep said...

loved ur blog. u are one heck of a guy having heck of a time. seemingly. :-)

(anish shared ur blog link, he's a friend of mine)

9:51 AM  

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