Saturday, June 24, 2006

The madness sets in

Took off from work yesterday to get rid of the fever and ended up watching Pirate of the Caribbean twice.
Fever sometimes does silly things to the brain.. which would probably explain why I now have eyeliner on..

Crazy shit happened recently..
Raka's ex, Marish was walking her dog in the evening when a guy on a motorcycle started following her. Eventually came up to her to ask for directions, she ignored him and kept walking. He picked up a stick and whacked her on the head!
Marish is tiny.. four feet something .. but still had the guts and presence of mind to run straight home.
When Sister and Raka (he's Kbeer's twin) went to the hospital, she had 48 stiches on her forehead, just above her right eye.
This city is going to the dogs...

When we were staying in GK, I was coming back home by bus from I don't remember where.
It was late, close to 11 in the night and the bus was relatively empty ... about 6 people in all.
About 3 stops before mine, two guys who looked like immigrant construction labourers, pushed one guy who was standing in the aisle and jumped off.
The guy checks his pocket and its been ripped.
He shouts for the driver to stop the bus, which latter does with a lot of dramatic screeching and everyone, except self, jumps off in pursuit of the two pickpockets.
The next sequence happens like a movie.
The guys sitting with the driver and conductor up front had been drinking in the bus, so as one of the pickpockets runs across the road divider, he lobs the bottle at him, smacking squarely in the back of his head.
Pickpocket1 goes down, but his accomplice his still fleet-footing it across the road.
Not for long though as the driver and another man run him down and flay him across the pavement.
They're starting to kick the living shit out of these two guys, when the victim (who's standing over Pickpocket1) discovers his wallet in his other pocket.
He looks around, spots me staring from the window. I get up and make to get out of the bus to try and stop the unneccesary carnage, but the 'victim' has the good sense to call the dogs off.
One final kick in the rear for both as a warning and we're back on the bus like nothing happened.

Newest news on the school front is that it just might be derecognised by the government because the Brothers are sending cash to HQ in Dublin and not utilising the money in the school or on students.
I think that's pretty shitty.
Most memories of school are blurry and none of events that were very momentous.
* A bird shitting on Devroop Mitra when he bought an icecream and wouldn't share it,
* Vinod Sobti bringing a boombox to class in his tennis bag and playing it at an audible level in Mrs Thomas (The Chipkali) 's class
* Chipkali yelling at Nivedith Alva's sister and the whole class getting pissed about it
* Right-handed Ashish Lal and left-handed Harshit Aggarwal holding hands and writing together
* Throwing ink down Mrs Rebello's wobbling backside
* The Surajkund trip where the snake charmer met Sobti
* Vikram Russell and the bus accident which left him in crutches
* Anuj Dua's birthday party in South Extension
* Mrs Xavier being a bitch
* Inter-class sports day and the karate drill, when Ashish David actually kicked me when he was supposed to pretend-kick me, right when I needed to pee, ensuring I wet my white "karate" uniform in front of everybody and their parents
* Class 9E, stopping and staring with P Karthik bouncing the basketball, as we all gawked at two Modern School chicks walking along the basketball court
* Craft class and gluing Kush Bhatia to his bag
* The ragging of Saurabh Gaur in 10E where we pulled him over the desk annd smacked his nuts with the maths textbook
* Dirty sweaty white shirts, dirty sweaty white trousers, dirty yellow-green tie, scuffed shoes; walking in front of half of neighbouring Convent of Jesus & Mary like that and not giving a damn
* Four-foot-tall Mr Pallamatam's joke on how six-foot-floods in Kerala came up to his chin
* Tony Pacheco's impromptu tutorial on triangles (You take this bugger here, that bugger there and join them with this bugger here and you get a bloody triangle men..what's so fucking difficult about that now?)
* Mr Chirayath and the original, "Open the window and let the climate come in"
* Brother Deasy and Sabrina Mendonca srewing around (or so we all believed)
* Brother Deasy and Mrs Swaroop screwing around (ok ... this is a tough one to call)
* Brother Pimenta and soccer trials, Brother Judge and Catechism classes, Brother Gaffney and eyes of cold steel that make your testicles thrink back up your spine in fear
* Swimming classes and Deepak Khosla almost drowning in the foot-deep ornamental fountain
* Fake ringworm and bunking school for a week
* Sex education classes and the "practicals" debate
* Compass stunts (dropping compasses/dividers point down on your arm from higher and higher heights, desktop snooker (with an eraser, two pencils and the inkwell as 'goal'), desktop soccer (with three coins), catapults and leftover chalk, Z-buses and the same long ride home...
* Inter-class 'fights' (One guy from one class would push another guy from a different class in recess. Both would get back up in the form of their entire class and soon the middle school ground would be two large groups of boys, facing off against each other, going "Oyeeee Oyeee.." but not actually fighting)
* Inter-class quizzing, debating, elocution (with the Vees and DoubleYous)
* Keema kulchas, veg patties, Campa Cola, Gold Spot and Citra from the basement canteen, Cabanas from the ice-cream man near the Middle School gate, Fountain Pepsi from the gas station behind the slums..

I was an average student in school.. barely managed my Cs and Ds with the occasional B .. though I did manage As in English and Art...
Scraped through the boards by the skin of my teeth.. remember being extremely thankful I didn't flunk..
Considering my folks were the types who let us do things at our own pace, I guess it really doesn't matter how well I did in school..
Most of the guys who did really well are buried in well-paid but obscure jobs all over the world where most of them are being worked to the bone all in an effort to earn more and more money.
Some are doing different things..
Samarth George is a sommelier
Robin Matthews, the ugliest motherfucker in class, got married to a Dutch model and now lives in Amsterdam
Sandeep (I'v forgotten his last name) and his cousin Chandran Kadambavanam are studying to be priests
Abhishek Ahuja is a restaurateur (Pebble Street) as is Dushyant Nagpal who is a pastry chef (Sweet Obsessions) ..
There are the lawyers, the chartered accountants, a few doctors, guys who went to IIT, IIM or both (like Sarin Suares), married men, divorced men, gay men, guys who'v gotten with their dad's thing, guys in the media, probably a few in jail too for all I know

But the one guy who lucked out from my batch was Amit Bhatia..
Name sound familiar..
Yeah.. he's the richest ghar-jamai in the world... Sorry man.. but that picture of him holding his wife's handbag said much more than any press release.


Blogger Erik Mann said...

great post, i'll come visit again soon...erik

8:34 PM  
Blogger Ragini said...

How did you know Vikram Russell? School?

1:15 PM  
Blogger Pirate of the Arabian said...

@ragini: yup, from school

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Chetan said...

Hahah .. Lmao @ Amit Bhatia .... Its so true though.

Dude got a lamborghini for his wedding, had a party in Miami the following year with P.Diddy (and others) as guests.

3:05 PM  

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