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Quite a few people who've been reading this, have said I should tone down references to Mary ..
Some because they're concerned the cops will bust my ass, some because it makes them uncomfortable...
Uncomfortable because they come from sheltered lives where a different set of rules apply. Some have said I should not talk so much about it in the wake of Rahul Mahajan's OD....

First, some facts that are can be supported by any medical institution in the world:
Zero people OD on pot
Zero people feel hostile after pot
Pot is cleaner and safer to smoke than tobacco
It is completely natural unlike ecstacy, MDMA, LSD and the lot...

I want to know why I can't smoke or talk about smoking? It's semi-legal in this country anyway.
Marijuana has been a part of Indian culture since the Vedic era. Besides the countless mentions of it in various Hindu scripture, if you visit any of the holy cities of Benaras, Rishikesh, Pushkar, Haridwar, Ayodhya and more, pot is a way of life.
The Rastafarian faith says marijuana is part of God's gifts to man and I'm pretty sure Jesus was a stoner too... Not once in the Bible is anything said about "you can't smoke pot"

If anyone comes trying to bust me on me smoking, I'm going to cry communalism.

The NCB in India don't have time to waste on picking up small time smokers like me... They're after the dealers...
It's more widespread than you think.
As an experiment in sociology, I usually offer a spliff (if I have one) to the auto-walla, rickshaw-walla, taxi-walla, bus driver, hired cook, guy who sells veggies in a cart, the guard at the house across the road, the sutta-walla... I've hardly ever been refused.
A massive amount of people in Delhi smoke marijuana...not just the hip crowd of South Delhi..
Why the NCB gets after these people (the latter) is obvious... more bribe money.. plus the chance to drag some important family's name through some public mud.

I work as a print journalist and as everybody knows, the salary of a print journalist IS a laughing matter..
If they want to pump me for dealers, I know none. I did know one, actually, but he had an entrapment scene happening with him, got his ass busted, went to jail for a bit. His girlfriend told him to choose between Mary and her and he's now cleaned himself out.

If you have to crack down on any drug..go hit the cocaine and heroine dealers.. Hell knows the users have enough money to blow..

A short refresher course in what pot does for you:
1) Makes you mellow. You'll never hear of someone getting stoned and killing or raping anyone unless they're smoking crack
2) Till date, in the history of the drug, not one person has died due to substance abuse.
3) You may get a little absent-minded and lose focus in life but then you aren't harming anyone other than yourself. And the bit about losing focus in life applies to only a few people who have no ambition to begin with.
4) Pot makes you (or at least me and everyone else involved in the media) more creative. All your senses are heightened. Everything tastes better, smells better, sounds better, looks betters .... do I have to say sex is fantastic?
5) Pot makes you think, makes you dream and if you have even an ounce of drive, you can translate those dreams into reality. It allows you to look at life differently, to see all the angles and to truly appreciate art
6) When I drink, I talk shit, I lose control of who I'm hitting on, I get so blasted that I can't remember what I did the previous night, waking up with a hardcore hangover. WIth pot, there is no hangover and you remember everything you did or said.. well most of it.
The important thing is, you are aware of what is happening, you're a part of it, yet detached.

Probably the best thing to do when you're stoned is to have a stimulating conversation. It may bring all your external senses alive, but it also sends your brain into hyperactive mode.

If developed countries like Holland and Canada, without the thousands of years of marijuana use that we have, can successfully legalise it... why can't we?

What's wierd is that regular middle-class Indian families will have no problem entertaining a chillum-booming sadhu, but will raise merry hell in the mohalla if Pappu Junior is caught with a joint...

In spite of all this, I know there will still be people reading this and saying.."ahh stupid charasi .. he's addicted ... that's why he's saying all this.."
I don't criticise you for being a narrow-minded reject from the 18th century...
Open your mind people... are you afraid life will jump up and bite you in the ass?

In retrospect, most of the people who have issues with stoners are chicks who've known guys who smoke pot and subsequently don't pay as much attention to the chicks...
Now THAT is just selfish..


Blogger manacled-musings said...

what i seriously dont get bout dopers is why the hell does evrybody else suddenly become uncool and lame,i mean go ahead dope urself to death or divinity. i dont give a shit. but jus cuz you so luuurv gettin high doesent mean everybody else who likes life sobre become shit. i have a cousin who smokes (i have a slight inklin hes into pot too) once he offered me a drag an i refused. not cuz am so moralistic but jus cuz i don want to and suddenly i become lame and orthod. and nerdish and what not.dope might not kill you or make you kill someone but it sure as hell makes you stupid enuff to find reasons (weird,crazy,and some completely devoid of rationality)to keep doin am not tryin to preach here dude all am sayin is that if pot was good then we vud ve been makin some fr dinner,only oh-am-sorry we r ur typical middle class family and wede rather have food.

6:23 PM  
Blogger Pirate of the Arabian said...

Dopers??? I hate that word..
Hey if you don't smoke and don't want to.. that is absolutely ok with me..
Pot doesn't make you cool .. your cousin will realise that once peer pressure stops affecting him ..
I've been smoking for six years straight and now it's a part of life..
I don't blow money on maal every month because I want people to like me .. People like me anyway :)

What I'm trying to say is this: If I can see and understand your point of view... Is it so hard for you to at least try and understand mine?

6:48 PM  
Blogger bohosyncratic said...

hey ! the moment the news broke on the tv i knew this was kindly take some of my crap as well ..
drugs are drugs they are meant to make you feel grt .. so its no news flash that u are probably liking it . personally i think youre doing a fine job proving that ure pretty much in control of ureself and probably not a dependent addict (lets see .. u can still type )... u smokin pot is so not a problem for me dude .. the sort of problem is that u are putting it up there on the world wide web.. i am not much concerned about u getting busted or anything not because i personally dont know u but cause the narcs cant really do anything bout it. u are not a dealer and writing a blog by no means proves it that u even consume it , u might just be lying for all they know. so there's no hair pulling about that. but in posts u've been writing about how to access it,even given away real neat ways to smuggle it .. which is real irresponsible i mean for all u know some 13 yr old is reading it . i dont know about u but a 13 yr old doing drugs is real sad according to me . cause if this stuff becomes an addiction life becomes real messed up and young kids are pretty vulnerable to letting it get outta hand .
and ok marijuana may not be that harmful but seriously how many ppl know the difference between crack and pot ?? and you can never really know wht somebody is using it for ?? maybe thanks to some info on net someone went to paharganj bought some of that stuff and used it to kill someone...
as far as legalising it is concerned it never can be .thats just wrong.. i mean you agree or not that stuff can kill . immediately or later on doesnt matter. it ruins ppl and their families .. legalising it means promoting that sort of killing. see it this way would you like prostitution and flesh trade to be advertised.. its one of the major ways through which HIV spreads you cant promote an act like that. cannot. youre consumption of whtever is your personal choice, a law would influence everyone else's choice possibily for the worse. people wont think twice before doing it.. and u know better that cant be nice ..
nothing against u man but its not grt to advertise it .. it maybe real nice to feel n all but does no good for the body .

7:46 PM  
Blogger Pirate of the Arabian said...

here goes...
1) Smoking pot won't give you HIV
2) 13-year-olds wanting to know about drugs will also get that info in school or by going to google and asking for weed.
Im not a moral policeman.
This blog is me expressing myself, its a creative outlet for what I do best..write..i'm not catering to the youngest common denominator here

3) That stuff just kills?? Then why does almost every ancient religion have it as part of their scripture?

4) I hope you're NOT saying people are too stupid to make their own decisions in life... because that's what it reads like..

5) ..and trust me, people who smoke KNOW the difference between crack and pot..

8:34 PM  
Blogger bohosyncratic said...

dude whts the diffrence between just kills and ALSO kills ??? ... and i am so NOT saying that ppl are stupid making there own decisions... i am saying stupid ppl think that its their own decision but its really not their own .. u take pot cause u like it ... someone else could take it just because u like it ...

i am not at all talking about those ppl who smoke .. iam talking about uninvolved non existent ppl like me.. i wouldnt know the diff if hadnt been for my 12 class bio book..
then again all of .. every single bit of this really is worth shit if u feel you dont give a fuck about anything. cheers!

9:27 PM  
Blogger bohosyncratic said...

ps : i know pot doesnt give u HIV ... probably prostate cancer..psychosis...drug dependence.. pick one

9:33 PM  
Blogger manacled-musings said...

ok here goes mine:
1) smokin pot might not give you HIV but the idea of legalizin it is as bad as legalizin flesh trade

2)YOU my frnd (as of now) are as big a part of the inspirative source for a 13 year old to get into pot as anyone else.

3)any kinda ancient scripture was still at the end of the day written by a human being and waise toh some of our old scriptures even suggest drinkin our own urine,dont tell me thats next on ur itinary.

4)people might not be stupid enuff to do somethin becuz a blog suggests, but accept the fact that ure paintin quite a picture here about life as a "person who inhales shit to feel good" (since u don wan me to use the wrd doper)and this is just the thing that any bonehead wud want(trust me we have quite a few around here)

so all wer sayin to you is that under no circumstances r we lookin down upon u or ur blog. u r pretty good at it n i know thats the reason we all keep comin back to read it but u smirkin at the so called middle families worryin if their kids gettin into DRUGS is jus wrong and unacceptable.

1:51 PM  
Blogger imradyourad said...

^ so many spelling erros

haha i just want to say that i enjoy your blog. Also that every one of us has the power to achieve our goals, it's just all in how we choose to use it. Some people chose to smoke ganj once in a while some all the time some never but people still can choose to live productive lives. Some people may live happier lives then others but when it comes down to it you should live your life according to whats best for you as a person. Being a responsible user of ganj should be taught to people of all ages weather you chose to smoke or not because parenting children to not smoke at all is where drug abuse can begin.

12:53 AM  
Blogger Rajeev said...

Love your blog dude. Chorizo... Feni and a spliff... soucegad completely. Absolutely agree with you on all the stuff bout weed. Lemme see.. been smokin it since junior college... did a masters.. and a phd... never did mess with my mind ... just relaxes me after a hard day.
What all these people dont know scares them ... the pure ghee and refined sugar killing them before they turn 40 is what they should be worryin bout.

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bohosyncratic--Your name should be Idio(t)syncratic!
just shut the fucking whining already.Looking at your comments gave me a headache.You are the prototype of what people like me and
Pirate of the Arabian hate.Despite getting bitch slapped by the blogger twice your senses did not recuperate.Makes me wonder who's the doper here!!

12:30 AM  

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