Friday, June 30, 2006

Hop aboard SpaceCadet, let me fly you around the block

The Jungpura Junta loves to drink and drive or rather drive and drink.
So an ordinary chilling scene means Astraman gets out the Honda, picks up Kbeer and self, and then we head to the theka to rummage for our respective poison.
Astraman likes the good Scotch, I go for Monk while Kbeer sticks to the lager.
Occasionaly, Astraman's younger sibling BrotherBear joins us too and we go driving around South Delhi, some times as far as the diplomatic enclave of Chanakya Puri.
Trust me, staggering out drunk to pee on the lawns of Shanti Path at 2am has been a regular occurence.
Stopped once outside the American embassy because Astraman had to take a leak and make a point at the same time (we'd just seen Rang de Basanti) but the cops chased us off.

The neat part about living in Jungpura is that drinking in the car is a neighbourhood hobby.
Practically every car, that's driving slowly will have 2 or more guys inside, stereo on and loud conversation issuing.
Plus when you factor in late night kebab joints like Sanjha Chulha, Mughals and Aap ki Khatir (where the kakoris are to die for) besides Colonel's Kebabs and Arabian Delights in next door Defence Colony, booze on the move seems to make sense.
Except for the fuel wasted and the risk of ending up under a truck.

It's when you're getting silly in the back seat that you see what this city is all about.
The Lajpat Nagar flyover (that connects Moolchand hospital to the Oberoi) is a sick sick sick place to be after dark.
A line of hijras (eunuchs), dressed in female attire take up selling positions along the curb and the absolutely gross bit is the line of expensive cars that stop to pick them up.
Men in this city really need to find a different way to get their jollies.

The funny bit is that of the several times we've done this trip, not one cop has pulled us over despite the lack of seatbelt use, Astraman's extended conversations on the cellphone while negotiating cop barricades with Johnny in a plastic glass on the dashboard.


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