Saturday, June 10, 2006

The holes in my head are back

Finally took time out to get my ears 're-pierced' today.
Used to wear silver hoops till I lost one and took out the other...

Also used to have a ring in my eyebrow till it started affecting my sinus, besides getting caught in blankets, towels and bras.

Used to have three in each year (two studs and a hoop) in college too till it became a pain taking them out and putting them back before and after ball practice and tournaments.

Can't wait to get the studs out and get the black hoops back in...

Hopefully next month, I should be in a financial position to get my tattoos connected.
I have the portrait of Christ on my right shoulder and the Ferrari horse on my left.

The Christ will get the Garden of Eden below him (on my right bicep) complete with exotic orchids, birds, friendly fauna and a naked Eve wrapped in a vine. From the back of the Christ portrait, I was thinking of getting a tribal wing that extends behind, across my right shoulder blade.
Above the crown of thorns in an arc, I want to get these words in a cursive font: sapere aude sincere et constante
This was on the centre of our school emblem and I think it makes sense to have it there...

The Prancing Pony needs a revamp too.
Maybe turn it into the Sagittarius centaur with an indentical tribal wing across my left shoulder blade.
Hmmm... was also thinking about bringing the tribal design in front, and run it just below my collar bones till the point where the rib cage starts.

I don't want to get too much done. Just upper torso and maybe a Celtic dragon around my right calf when I'm 30.

Mike was right. Tattooing is addictive, especially after all the attention you get.


Blogger bohosyncratic said...

how bad does it hurt really?? is the pain wayy much worse than hair being pulled off your legs??

8:04 PM  
Blogger Pirate of the Arabian said...

it's a mild buzzing feeling.. sort of like when someone drags fingernails on a blackboard.
As long as its not on a bone (lower back, shin, collarbone, wrist, ankle, etc..) its all good..

the sound puts you to sleep after a bit.. its almost the same sound as a dentist drill or a marble polisher..

12:36 PM  
Blogger Monica said...

no wonder you call yourself a graffiti artist.

1:12 PM  
Blogger Pirate of the Arabian said...

Actually that isn't why.. helped paint the grafitti bit behind the DJ's console at Pebble Street when it was being re-done some years ago.. only 'commercial' art I've done.. the rest have been random walls at various houses..

4:00 PM  

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