Friday, June 02, 2006


Came home last night and there was this really bad movie on. It had the same two guys (the fat guy from Still Standing) that are in A Knight's Tale..
This was some wierd Catholic comedy-thriller with a superhero nun with a gun. Only the gun is a SuperSoaker and has holy water!!!
What the fuck!!! Some producer in LA's doing too much acid for his own good.
These two guys are seminarians - priests-in-training - and the thin dude gets the hots for the chick who's the nun-in-training so they end up banging in the sack.
The three of them - thin guy, fat guy and chicklet - are supposed to catch this chap who's a sin-eater who's made out to be evil by the church but is actually immortal, put on this earth to suck out your sins just before you die.
Probably some scriptwriter's version of literal absolvement.
If you're going to make a movie like this, could you at leas try and convince me of your bullshit?

Speaking about bad movies, if you ever watch Rambo again, try this. Whatever the Stallion's saying, imagine its Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, whatever ... and he will sound exactly like he's speaking a different language!
I know the guy went through a lot because of his speech defect growing up, but face it .. in his first few movies, he's a mannequin with pecs...


Blogger bohosyncratic said...

why do u need dialogues in rambo eh?? plus methinks the weird accent works fine for him in the rockies .. love the way he goes "yo!!Adrian".... as far as HBO or hollywood for that matter is concerned they've got their own load of shit ..once saw this movie called mystery men on HBO bout these bunch of losers saving the city and there's this real disgusting guy whos superpower is thathe farts everytime u pull his finger !!!

8:07 PM  
Blogger Pirate of the Arabian said...

Now that's a superpower I wish I had

5:19 PM  

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