Friday, June 02, 2006

disconnected connections

Last night was pretty cool.
Baba stopped by with some pretty fucking decent shit, so we smoked one and then headed to the Dada music launch party at the Lodi restaurant.
Hooked up with Vib and George on the way.
Place didn't look as crowded as the cars on the road implied but it was crazy literally bumping into people you least expect.
Met Wild Child right as we entered...Rish was hanging around too..Sirdie was at the bar, with DaWall somewhere in the middle.
I really like what they've done with this place. The lawn's been replaced with gravel and the mist coolers do their work pretty well.
Im talking with DaWall and he's telling me about some guy - this tall dude with a vague afro - who's buying them drinks on a fake ID...passes me a whiskywater. This guy comes walking up and DaWall introduces us..
Im like.. fuck... I've seen this guy before .. only he was a lot shorter and a lot younger.. Used to play ball with him a long way back in PV..almost a decade..
Now he's studying music from St James and smokes a lot of pot..

What is it with ball players and Mary? Almost every single stoner I know in town used to play ball in either school or college....

Anyway..self and Baba are standing around waiting for Vib and George to show up when Dabba staggers by. It being a really small world, he knows Baba as well.
Probably everyone in my batch from school would agree that if Dabba was born in the States, he'd been a typical All-American. Swim team, theatre, music and grades. All that and a chipless shoulder.
After school, the next we met was while auditioning for West Side Story, where he played Tony.
Theatre was some funky shit back in college. I remember this one episode where Udi (Bernardo) and Vin (Riff) are fighting with 'knives' up stage with the rest of the gang members doing their shit in the back.
It's the end of act one and this is when Riff kills Bernardo with a flourescent green knife. After the latter falls, everyone freeze-frames till the sound of a cop siren starts, and one by one, we run off into the wings, leaving Riff standing over Bernardo on centrestage. The whole stage at this point is completely dark with just a red spotlight on Riff.
For one matinee show, Ivana got Howard to stand at the chorus mikes and 'do' the siren sound. If I remember correctly, I think the synth broke down.
So when this scene happens at the end of the act, and everyone's running off into the wings, Howard's standing backstage going, "Whoo oooo whooo oooo"..... till Nitin rams right into him in the dark...changing the siren to. "Whooo oooo whooo ooo-Chut--oooo, woo..."
Ol' Georgie must have had one hell of an enema after that.

Dabba's throwing away bachelorhood too next year for the Mitts who he got hitched with during practice for West Side. Man..everyone's getting married. Nag's doing it sometime the end of this month, Devi's sister's doing it tonight, couple of chicks at work are on leave because the mehndi's calling.....

Oh, by the way.. Ive finally moved to new digs at work. The earlier workstation ran on Intel Prehistoric and would restart if someone touched the monitor. Not to mention my back was to the ed.
The new place is a window seat, which in this office is a big deal. This whole floor is exactly like Mr Anderson's office from The Matrix and to get a corner joint with a faster machine, more wall space to put up shit and a view is a pretty sweet deal. the view's the parking lot next door, but it beats staring at the wall.

Going for Devi's sister's thing tonight... hopefully Super Girl should be there...


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