Monday, June 05, 2006

Could you pass the soup please?

A really big word when you think about it.
Everybody comes from a different one, the same they propogate, espouse and defend when a different culture says things can be done another way.
It isn't just about black, white and shades of grey... it's about how the colours change when viewed from a different perspective.

You think you live in a society where everybody does things a certain way. You're probably wrong.
If you live in a city like Delhi or Mumbai, there's a completely different culture existing in the flat above you or the house across the street.
Outwardly, all may appear normal, but if you visit, you'll notice the small differences.
The differences don't just emanate from religious barriers, it's also which part of the country or the world you come from, what your parents or you do for a living, individual personality quirks, the way they cook and eat their food..

Its bizarre, the incapacity for tolerance some people possess when they're faced with another culture. What ever their parents have taught them is the God-honest truth and there is no better way to live your life. If you don't even know a different way exists..

One of the older women in office was saying my tattoos freak her out..that she can't imagine being married to someone with tattoos. Asks me, "What will your wife say when you show her those?"
Er.. wouldn't she already know that before we waste all that time, energy and money?

So maybe understanding a drug culture is harder for people to understand.
Once you're labelled a stoner that tends to be your only definition for some people no matter what your capable of.

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. As long as they don't force every body else to accept theirs as the only opinion. But that is rarely the case.

Another thing north Indians are famous for is staring. Open-mouthed, expressionless faces looking at you like you've dropped out of orbit with a toothpick up your ass.


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