Saturday, June 10, 2006

Balls to you too!!!

It's begun.
For the next month, beer sales in J'pura are going to skyrocket.
Went by the theks on Saturday to pick up some. Couldn't even see the counter.
Football fans from all ages, races and financial backgrounds... and ALL buying beer!!!

Im usually only interested in football when the World Cup rolls around. Else I'll watch random matches between random teams at vague hours of the morning when I'm buzzing from left over drugs and need something to watch on TV.

Although Brazil are perennial favourites, I think Ecuador will be the surprise of the tournament.
Now that the big screen is in the house, game time is going to take on a completely different dimension.

The Brazillian embassy sent a press invite to come watch the first match (with Croatia) with a samba atmosphere. Am going to round up some people into going with me. The fuck up is that it's at half past midnight, and most fans I know will be thinking about work the next day.

Was watching the Ecuador-Poland match and was placing inconsequential bets on random shit (What colour are the referees' socks? no.. don't look at the TV)
With sides like these, it's best to support the attacking side... at least there might be more goals!!

Yesterday was one non stop adrenalin trip.
I'm reviewing a Sony Bravia currently, which is a 41inch LCD flat screen that came with a 5.1 Sony surround system. It almost fills one entire wall .. its so goddamn big!!

Started yesterday with a spliff, coffee, crossword, and Game 1 of the NBA finals... Dallas and Miami. Rerun, but so what.
After a spate of 'druggie movies' - Lock Stock, Trainspotting, Fear and Loathing and Blow, with Mary for company, evening came and brought Kbeer with it.
Kbeer brought some magic malt with him to grease our gullets for the shouting ahead.
Never had so much good sports to watch on one day. Didn't watch a lot of F1 because we were watching football and the French Open at the same time. (This TV has picture-in-picture too)
After Nadal sorted himself out, we switched to the cricket match where India, for a change, were on a roll of sorts.

This TV has been ruling my life for the past week. All I do when I come home everyday, is to switch it on, crash on the couch, roll a spliff and get sucked in.

I need a distraction..


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