Friday, May 26, 2006

stoner story 8 (I think) - a weekend to forget...

This past weekend was a bitch. To put it lightly. I'd bought a T of cream from Baba, some really insanely crazy shit. Just a little bit of maal, less than a pinch really was enough to make you talk to the fridge.
The operative word in the previous sentence being WAS.
Saturday night was the Sandyman's 37 birthday and the old bastard was throwing a little shindig, even went and invited the in-laws for some reason.
I had some crazy fever - vomit - cough - cold disease happening back then I remember, because Chottu, Jas and W were to pick me up from Ashram and I was telling them to get their enormous rears to my house because I was sick.
But you can't argue with these guys. So there I was, waiting at Ashram when Thor decides to show off.
15 minutes of waiting in the storm and these guys show up and we get to the Sandyman's place soon after.
The usual drinking and music scene at the Sandyman's. Latter is married to Minnie, who is Chottu's sister, which is how I know him. Was supposed to be a "band party" because he'd invited Indian Ocean and Silk Route, but when we got there, only Sushmit was chilling on the sofa. Rahul walked in later.
Wayyyyy too much alcohol later, Chottu's dad pulls out the harmonium and sits Rahul Ram down on the dining room floor to sing Kandisa
Of course Rahul is wayyyy too drunk to say no.
Hearing a song like that sung live, in front of you, by the original singer, who's pissed drunk, on your living room floor..
Man..just had to smoke one.
So I stagger out to the balcony, that incidentally is on a seventh floor apartment overlooking the Aravliis (read: trippy view) to roll.
I probably put too much, because I was fucked. Touched Chottu's dad's feet when I left. (I have never done that in the seven years I know the guy despite it being literally tradition in this group)
Got in the car, was pulling out a cig when I saw half a joint. I was like..fuck..where did that come from?
But then I took a drag, the scenery changed and I forgot.
One hazy car ride later, we troop into Chottu's place to crash and W says he has to take off.
The next thing I remember is getting up bright and early on Sunday morning yearning for a fucking good wake and bake, looking for my hardcase ... and FUCK FUCK's nowhere in the house!!!
The next two hours were spent on the phone trying both Minnie and W. But both the fuckers sleep till afternoon on Sundays so I had to spend the rest of the morning gnawing my nails, mentally kicking myself for getting so goddamn drunk to forget the damn thing.
The thing is..I didn't know if I left it at Sandyman's place or in W's car and I think it was the need of reassurance that was killing me most.
W answered the phone later in the evening. Had checked his car. Nothing.
Minnie called back, saying she hadn't found it YET.
I'm going to go this weekend and try my Sherlock skills.

But that wasn't the only piece of shit thing to happen to me this weekend.
Sitting in Chottu's place, Jas says she wants to go... guess where... hippie Mecca Paharganj to look around and maybe shop for shit.
Ok..a turn in my luck..
We head down to PG in the evening, some little scruffy fucker intercepts me with a "you want hash, hashish, charas, ganja, trippy". So I nod and we go into one of those tunnel alleys to negotiate.
He's asking 800 bucks for what doesn't look like a tola and smells like weed.
I start to walk away when I realise I have no immediate source of maal and this was one of those days when you HAVE to smoke. So we haggle and I get what he says is a T and a half for 8 and we leave.
Laksh, Ankita and Mad Shark were coming over later so I thought I'd experiment with the maal on my self before the public was exposed to it.
Back home, lighting it with trepidation and my worst fears are proven true. It had passed the bootpolish test but the damn thing was definitely 3/4 Iodex. Some really sick shit.
Out of sheer desperation to get high, I went down to the ATM next to my house to draw out some money, head to the theka and pick up some rum. I pop my card into the machine and voila!!! we have loadshedding and with a beep beep beep the ATM dies. The guard comes in and says, "Oh ho, card atak gaya kya?
I'm stoned, tired, stressed out and fucking pissed off now.
"Tujhe kya lagta hai bhen ke lode?"
"Nahi bas pooch raha tha"
Gives me this paper on which I'm supposed to write my name and card info and shit. I tear it up and walk out.

An hour later... Laksh, Ankita and Mad Shark land up with maal from Kasol and a mutton tikka roll from Sanjha Chulha. After they leave, Baba lands up with some chick who's name I don't remember with the SAME maal he sold me and we blow through two with beer before finally calling it.

Moral of the story: All's well that end's well (predictably)


Anonymous vikram said...

baba bukhlandi zindabad!!

Rock on dude, but try toning down the references to the chu. could get you into shit if the narcs get net savvy.

Met laxman today, we need to meet up again, all of us, for a good old drunk'n'stone

10:49 PM  
Anonymous diabolical_anecdote said...

dude, Moral of the story is .......Where am i again???.....

6:11 PM  
Blogger Pirate of the Arabian said...

Apologies if you get confused.. I tend to ramble...

6:19 PM  

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