Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Random mumbling

Iv been in a funk this past week. Why? Because I lost almost a tola of cream and have no fucking idea where.
Man is this depressing or what???? Even went to hippie haven PG to see if I could score ... and score I did.. some fucking disgusting tatti. Never go scoring when you're drunk...you lose the power of bargaining..never mind vision and smell.
Came back home to try out the maal and I think it has Iodex mixed in it..
Weekend stoning took care of itself however as Laksh and Baba landed up one after the other with sweet shit..

Every weekend I learn something new about this city. Last weekend , I found out that on the Noida expressway .. when you're coming from Delhi, there's a bus stop like area with wrought iron benches where you can park your car and your ass for a bit. What's insane about this little stopover is a bottle opener that's nailed to the walls!!! So you can pop a beer and watch traffic zip past, while the fetid smell of the Yamuna blows through your hair..
Some people will stop anywhere for a beer!!
This past weekend, I learnt that if you jump the IIT redlight at 7.20pm, you can get to Sector 55 Gurgaon in 17 minutes. Ok, so that isnt very useful information for most, but could be necessary if you're racing down the MG Road.

Was in Gurgaon on Saturday night for the Sandyman's 37th birthday. Fuck! Everybody's getting old..
The plan was: Chottu and Jas (who were with W) would pick me up from Ashram and then we'd proceed to Gurgaon. Didn't count on the sudden squall and torrential downpour however. Had to huddle inside the cop booth at the bus stop since I had fever and didn't want to risk fucking pneumonia.
There's something surreal about driving down the MG Road at night .. especially just after it's rained buckets.
The slick streets reflecting the yellow and red of traffic, cool zephyrs billow through and out the open windows of the car, past the shrouded ruins of capitalism, the multitude of strangers in the same predicament (usually the red light near Fabric) as W's vague dancehall music pounds through your the back of your head.

The party was pretty nice..mostly family and Rahul Ram from Indian Ocean. Sang Kandisa for us, with Chottu's dad on the harmonium, which was fucking insane, considering all those present (W, Chottu, Jas, Sandyman, Minnie and the older lot) think that is one of the landmark songs of the Indian Sufi movement.
Must have gotten a little too happy because I decided to roll a spliff and immediately forgot to out it back in the bag...

Haven't been coming to work for some time.. Party because I was sick with fever and throwing up, but mostly because I desperately need a break from this city.....



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