Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A nomad for life...

Ever since the sister and I moved out of the folks' place, wayy back in 2002, we haven't stayed more than a year at each rented apartment.
The first house we moved to, a family friend's in B-block, PV Gurgaon, it was fucking wierd. We had the living room, one bedroom, bath and kitchen on the ground floor and I was stuck with the servant's quarter on the first floor.
Stayed there a total of three months.
The next nest was in quiet GK3, better known as Masjid Moth. Excellent location with the theka literally around the corner. We had to shift to Delhi because I quit my Gurgaon-based call centre drudge for a Noida-based call centre drudge. :-/
Within a year here, I had quit that job too, took a huge nosedive in pay to go work for my first hack job..a travel magazine called Go Now. Since we couldnt really afford to stay in Delhi any more, we shifted to this really shady place in Sec 23 Gurgaon where the electricity had a mind of its own and the road in front would flood every time any one living on the street flushed.
Stayed here a total of two months, before shifting back to H-block, PV.
This house was, hands down, the trippiest house I'v lived in. A first floor place, you walked into a small lobby-like area which was really a terrace bar covered up. We used this as the kitchen-cum-TV lounge. Sister's room was red-brick and L-shaped while mine (the bigger room for once) had a 9foot semi-circular concrete bed, spotlights and huge stained glass windows.
Like it was made for a porn flick!!!!
The bed was so big that I remember once Laksh landed up with some friends to watch Pulp Fiction and smoke. We ALL passed out on the bed and no one was touching any one else.....
The terrace was even more killer. The house itself was surrounded by trees (empty plots on all three sides), a park in front and a second sloping terrace (the roof of the kitchen) where Badhwar's didgeridoo really kicked some ass.
A year here and we moved again. No shit
This time to I block PV, just behind where we used to stay with the folks.
This one was a little cramped, but a proper two-bedroom flat with a fantastic view. Overlooking the lane in front with a small garden ahead, the Jaipur railway line and then acres of mustard fields stretching to the forest in the horizon. Plus trainspotting at night was one habit I am yet to kick.
A year there and the landlord being the bitch he is, we had to move again...finally this time to J'Pura where we have a fourth floor penthouse, smack bang in the middle of the city and a terrace the size of a soccer field.

Think we're going to stay put for some time.... unless that farm in Sainik Farms is available...


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I dont remember the last time i sat down to read sum1 blog at one go! Phew!! I so like ur style! Sumwhr, we connect!
Be good dude!

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