Saturday, May 13, 2006

Crazy people I know

If you ever ever get to meet Vicky the Beast, your life will change forever.
Not necessarily in a good way.
This guy is one crazy motherfucker. I've lost count of the number of dumbass things he's done... right from humping a signboard and singing to the moon during school (in broad daylight) to claiming he's a vampire and getting bit on the ass by his own damn dog.
When we first got to know him, he was already quite fucked in the head. A movie plan emerged and so we asked him to come along. Just that he didn't show up at the place we were supposed to pick him up from, so we left him and carried on.
We're at Priya (McDonald's had just opened) and we're trying to act all cool and all. Something only gawky teenage boys with magnifying-like spectacles and emerging facial hair can do, when Vikcy the Beast bursts onto the pavement, runs screaming straight to us and throwing himslef prostrate in front of us, shouts at the top of his voice, "I FOUND YOU I FOUND YOU..I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy"
We're all like ..hey who the fuck is this motherfucker and are trying to sidle out of his grasping fingers...
Once at a party at my place, Vicky came cycling from C Block (I lived in I-block) was so tired, grabbed the first bottle he saw (vodka) and swigged it. Never knew anyone was so stupid to KEEP drinking after you KNOW its not water!!!
He threw up a couple of times and then went out into the road and started humping the signboard. After he passed out, we threw him in the driveway with one of the blankets the dogs used to use (this was in December). Big Man Don happened to see a little desi Stuart Little scurry past. Didn't scurry too far before he met Don's big boot and the rat was soon Vicky the Beast's bedmate.
After the party finally wound down, Don and me carried the fucker up to my room and threw him on the lower bunk where Spinner the blind dog found him and immediately began to exorcise his sexual tension on Vicky the Beast's comatose face.
Wish I'd had a handycam or something back then....

next up... the Mad Shark


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hi. this comment is sort of unrelated.

you added me on hi5 and you must must add me on msn -
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