Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Weekends: week-endz: def: two days spent in an alcohol and marijuana induced stupor in which one passes out twice somewhere in between and calls random people at random times of the night to tell them how much love you have...

This past Friday night, Sunshine was supposed to hook up with self, Child, Anu and the rest of the HT crowd. Seeing as she was leaving on Monday (yesterday) for Calcutta. But an unfortunate rafting accident that her room-mate Momo had on their recent trip to Rishikesh meant had to take a trip to the hospital.
Since nothing else was working out, and Lakshman and me hadn't met the MadBong in some time, we hooked up to check out his new flat in Nizamuddin.
MadBong's place is quite the bachelor pad. Big-ass terrace, amazing location, nice large one-room, kitchen, bath joint. Saw Sin City on the laptop with the volume turned down and psy playing instead. Trippy shit.
We ran out of papers after the first spliff, so we had to pack up, lock up and head to my place, which is pretty much right behind MadBong's place.
The only criteria was that I had to make chorizo-omelettes for the guys.

Saturday night was pretty tiring too. The Jangpura Janta got together at A&P's place minus A&P. But too much whisky with Child and Anu at the Shangri La and too much vodka at A&P's pasted the shit out of me.
Crashed at roughly 1am only to be rudely woken at 4 by the Elephants.
In a surprising surge of 'might as well', Chottu, Jas, W and Ladoo had driven down from across the river with beer (warm) and whisky (Signature). Ladoo had some ganja to smoke too. Since I couldn't possibly sleep, drank a bit, smoked a bit till 8am when the munchies caught everyone.

Comesum at the Nizamuddin station is the LAST place I'll go to grab a bite in this city. Especially at 8 in the morning when the stench of leftover vomit, stale sweat from a hundred people and obnoxious cleaning fluid fills the air.
Plus..its a RAILWAY STATION people!!! not a frigging club!!!! The way people dress when they come here is too funny for words. And I can't believe how dumb people can get in this city. Why would you drag your one-year-old to eat paranthas at 3 in the morning? Shouldn't he be home sleeping? Shouldn't you?

And they laugh at me when I wear my lungi to the cyber cafe...


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