Friday, April 07, 2006


fuck i need a break..
the last time I was on holiday was when W and self stowed away with the four dwarves on their honeymoons to Goa.. No not as loser as it sounds...being New Year's and all.. and that was 2004!!!

ahh..i miss the mountains..that first sight of the hills just after you cross Panchkula, the snaking, precipitous roads with trippy palm trees on the rocky cliffs, the mandir across the Beas that comes just before Kullu, the sight of snow capped Solang from the roof of World Peace in Vashisht with the Beas below and Manali just opposite sipping thick chocolate coffee, smoking a beautifully constructed big ass spliff, listening to the dream catchers make their own melody as the breeze whips my hair around my face...

Or even sitting in the balcony at the Dragon with Monk and Mary having a party in your brain ... while Moby's melancholy warbling washes over you...

ahhhh fuck!!!!!
tripping for a second.. stll here in dusty, hot, depressing Delhi ..



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