Friday, April 21, 2006

Tattoo mania

I've wanted to get a tattoo for as long as I can remember. I remember being so desperate to get a tattoo done, that self and Lakshman (who was still in school then) took off from Palam Vihar hunting for a tattoo artist one fine Sunday morning several years ago.
Neither of us had a clue where to go, but had heard vague rumours of hippie artists living all over Delhi. We landed up in the wierdest of places.
First we went to D-Block Vasant Kunj (under the flyover) nada
Then we went to the GK2 M block market...still nothing
Not giving up hope, we hopped in a bus and headed to hippie mecca in Delhi - Paharganj where we sure there'd be SOME fucking chut with a needle ready to ink us.. again a brick wall
Absolutely determined to get this out of the way, we swallowed pride and headed to this old fucker who sat outside the Hanuman Mandir in Connaught Place and THAT is where I finally got my first tattoo: the outline of the Ferrari horse. Hurt like a bitch but was definitely worth the effort. Since we didn't have a stencil or even basic hygiene, I drew the outline of the horse on my shoulder with a pen and made sure the old geezer followed it.
He fucked up Lakshman's tattoo well and proper though..

A few years later, sick of everyone telling me I had a pen drawing on my arm, I headed off to Jacko Beauty Parlour in East of Kailash. Don't laugh. They adverstised tattoo services, I hadn't heard of Mike and there wasn't even a DT Mall in DLF.
Paid 3,000 bucks, they fucked it up even more and gave the horse an extremely embarassing dick.

FINALLY..I bumped into Lakshman a few years later, and he'd gotten his tattoo fixed by Mike as had Badhwar, another friend with a tattoo that was supposed to be a black panther but looked like an anorexic cow. Mike had fixed his as well.

Now, after subsequent trips to Mike, the horse actually has discernible muscles, the dick is gone (or at least hidden) and doesn't look like I drew it with a felt pen.
The Jesus portrait on my right shoulder still needs to be touched up though. Still looks slightly squint.


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